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Fixed Income Investing: Implications for the Buy-side

As fixed income data continues to grow, the quality of information and ability to consume and integrate it upstream and downstream are becoming more important. While there has been a lot of progress towards more standardization and the aggregation of such data, the fixed income markets remain fragmented, creating several challenges for the front office including: complexity in trading, interoperability of systems, keeping up with technology, as well as knock-on effects of an evolving market structure and work culture. All the while, market participants are managing macro forces not seen in several decades that have resulted in persistent volatility and uncertainty.


  • Audrey Blater, Head of Risk and Financial Markets Regulation at Coalition Greenwich
  • Tim Monahan, Senior Director, Product Management, ICE
  • Alan Hutchison, Senior Portfolio Manager & Vice President, Dimensional Fund Advisors


We hosted a webinar focusing on how the buyside is using data to achieve the best and most efficient results in fixed income investing on the following lines:

  • Improving the consumption of data for pre-trade analytics
  • Developing strategies and efficiencies by enhancing the use of fixed income data via changing skillsets in the front office
  • Enhancing the flow of data from portfolio manager to trader to realize opportunities
  • Dealing with the challenges of inefficient markets and incomplete data
  • Utilizing tools to create metrics for the fixed income trade lifecycle

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