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Connect to a global environmental portfolio to price climate risk

Sustainable markets to price climate risk. Where there is risk, there is opportunity. Climate risk mitigation is influencing the energy landscape and requires a price signal for the conservation and cultivation of nature. The energy transition is a long-term phenomenon, underpinned by a market-based economy that can deliver cost-effective, scalable solutions. Creating an asset class to properly value natural capital will also be key for a sustainable future.

Get ahead of the net-zero transition

Learn how we can help you manage climate risk

Why they’re needed and how they work

ICE has been a leader in environmental markets for nearly two decades. Today, our environmental markets span Europe and North America — the world’s most liquid environmental markets. Our range of products are integral to valuing externalities and balancing the world’s finite carbon budget to meet a 1.5°C pathway to limit climate change. This is the era of carbonomics.

Who uses environmental markets?

Corporates subject to carbon cap and trade programs and renewable fuel standards use our markets to meet obligations and manage their risk in a cost-effective way. Market participants can deliver carbon allowances, carbon credits and renewable energy certificates into a range of registries in Europe and North America.

A growing number of corporates are signing up for voluntary commitments around the world. This means increasingly diverse stakeholders can use ICE’s markets to offset their carbon liability, invest in green attributes or benchmark their internal cost of carbon. Policy makers rely on price signals from environmental markets to gauge the effectiveness of their programs and ensure desired outcomes — such as driving investment in renewables and the use of less-carbon-intensive fuels. Investors can use the price signals from ICE markets and indices to help assess climate transition risk in their portfolios, and then access liquidity pools for managing risk and allocating capital to benefit from energy transition opportunities.

U.K. Emissions Trading Scheme

The U.K. Emissions Trading Scheme (U.K. ETS) replaces the country’s participation in the E.U. ETS and supports the aim of its carbon pricing policy. Our auctions and futures support the continuity of emissions trading for businesses in the U.K.

Monthly & Daily Futures

UKA Monthly Futures



Frequently Asked Questions

Natural Asset Companies (NACs)

To address the large and complex challenges of climate change and the transition to a more sustainable economy, NYSE and Intrinsic Exchange Group (IEG) are pioneering a new asset class based on nature and the benefits that nature provides (termed ecosystem services). NACs will capture the intrinsic and productive value of nature and provide a store of value based on the vital assets that underpin our entire economy and make life on earth possible.

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ICE Carbon Futures Index Family

The ICE Carbon Futures Index Family is made up of pricing of the four most actively traded carbon markets in the world: the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS), the Western Climate Initiative (California Cap and Trade Program), the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), and the UK Emissions Trading Scheme (UK ETS).

Global Carbon Index Future

Based on the ICE Global Carbon Index, the futures contract provides exposure to the four largest cap and trade markets in the world in one financially settled instrument. This product offers access to the price of the negative externality of pollution allowing a wide group of stakeholders to manage the price risk associated with their net zero commitments and corresponding carbon liabilities.

Energy transition

Assess sustainability risks and opportunities with data from the leading provider of environmental markets with access to global & voluntary carbon data, ICE’s sustainable finance data & indices, global renewables and fuels data, and more.

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