The leader in global Environmental markets

A focus on mitigating climate change is driving a transition toward cleaner energy sources. As demand for transparent pricing in carbon grows, ICE supports market-based solutions through its global suite of environmental products.

Risk management and price discovery for carbon and renewable markets

We started investing in environmental markets in 2003 through our work with the Climate Exchange, which we fully acquired in 2010. Today, our environmental markets span Europe and North America - the world’s most liquid financial markets.

Our customers can access a broad portfolio of derivatives - covering emissions, carbon offsets, renewable energy and renewable fuels. We offer critical risk management tools and help businesses meet government-mandated emissions reduction targets in a cost-effective manner.

Participants can deliver emission allowances, carbon offsets and other environmental attributes into a range of registries in Europe and North America.

Promoting green finance investment

ICE offers several opportunities for sustainable investment and participation in the energy transition through its Green Indices and NYSE Green ETFs and Green REIT.

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