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Sustainable markets to price climate risk

Where there is risk, there is opportunity. Climate risk mitigation is impacting the evolution of the energy landscape. The energy transition is a long-term phenomenon, underpinned by a market-based economy that can deliver cost-effective and scalable solutions.

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Environmental Markets & Indices

ICE has been a leader in environmental markets for nearly two decades. Today, our environmental markets span Europe and North America — the world’s most liquid environmental markets.

Corporates subject to carbon cap and trade programs and renewable fuel standards use our markets to meet obligations and manage their risk in the most cost-effective way. Markets participants can deliver carbon allowances, carbon offsets and renewable energy certificates into a range of registries in Europe and North America.

A growing number of corporates are signing up for voluntary commitments around the world. This means increasingly diverse stakeholders can use ICE’s markets to offset their carbon footprint, invest in green attributes or benchmark their internal cost of carbon.

Policy makers rely on price signals from environmental markets to gauge the effectiveness of their programs and ensure desired outcomes — such as driving investment in renewables and the use of less-carbon intensive fuels.

Investors can use the price signals from ICE markets and indices to help assess climate transition risk in their portfolios, and then access liquidity pools for managing risk and allocating capital to benefit from energy transition opportunities.

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ICE Sustainable Indices

ICE Data Indices has a range of solutions for fixed income sustainable benchmarks that account for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors in addition to other criteria. Our Sustainability Indices1, which include ESG constrained indices, carbon reduction indices and green bond indices, combine our fixed income capabilities with popular ESG strategy overlays.

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