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Analyze & Comply

Helping you manage risk effectively and comply with regulations

Drawing on deep expertise, our market data and analytics solutions can help market participants find exposures, measure process effectiveness, analyze data and power risk models.


Gaining a clear view of risk. From validating best execution to valuing securities, our intelligent analytics tools provide market participants with the insights to better understand risk and operate more effectively.


Drawing data and content from over 600 sources, this real-time feed can be used to help power in-house analytics and risk management applications.
A comprehensive suite of analytics tools to support derivatives risk modeling and risk management analysis.
Scalable, flexible access to proprietary data from ICE and NYSE exchanges and clearing houses to address your unique business needs.
Manage and measure bond trade execution quality with Best Execution, access robust portfolio analytics using BondEdge, or leverage ICE Liquidity Indicators to gain an independent view of relative liquidity.
A complete set of analytics tools to support risk management.

Data Delivery

Connectivity & Feeds

Our solutions can be used to drive trading strategies, inform decision making and optimize performance.

Desktop Solutions

Connect users to the global marketplace, with workspaces created for individual roles.