ICE Clear Credit


Financial Resources

The following details the size and composition of the financial resource package available in the event of an ICE Clear Credit clearing participant default.

ICE Clear Credit (Designated Corporate) Contributions


Clearing Participant Required Guaranty Fund Contributions


Minimum Total Assets Available


  • ICE Clear Credit's financial resources additionally include assessment powers as detailed in ICE Clear Credit Rule 803(b).
  • The above listed CDS Initial Margin amount represents the U.S. Dollar value on deposit, including excess collateral, after any applicable haircuts.
  • The above listed Guaranty Fund amount represents the U.S. Dollar requirement and does not include any excess collateral posted.
  • All figures above are current as of March 29, 2019 and are rounded to the nearest $1 million.

Regulation & Governance

Comment Letters & Testimony

Quantitative Disclosures

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