Integrated ICE Data Services
By Lynn Martin, President & COO of ICE Data Services

As we move toward fully integrating the components of our global data services, which include a wide range of pricing, analytics and exchange data supported through robust desktops and connectivity solutions, we’re pleased to be able to start serving our customers as a single, cohesive team. Next week, we’ll be launching the new ICE Data Services, which brings together the existing data services provided by ICE, NYSE, Interactive Data and SuperDerivatives. As we work toward the launch of ICE Data Services, our teams have merged to bring together complementary products and integrate how we serve our customers. This includes the digital space, where our websites will be integrated into one online experience. I’ll share more details around ICE Data Services and what it will offer customers next week, but today I wanted to provide a preview of the website enhancements you’ll see beginning on Monday.

Website Changes Coming:

1. The Interactive Data and SuperDerivatives websites will migrate to

Over the last few months, we've collaborated to organize and integrate information on our data and technology solutions into a single website. Starting next week, and content will be populated on Within a few weeks of that, you will be automatically redirected to our new site, where you’ll find comprehensive information on our data and technology services from the Data & Tech drop-down menu.

The new Data & Tech section of will house information on our full suite of products and services – everything from pricing, reference and exchange data to commodities or wealth management desktops and connectivity solutions. Our goal is to provide all the information your firm needs for end-to-end data, analytics and trading solutions in one location.

2. You can log in to all your applications from one location on and find ICE US Treasury Index data in the ICE Report Center.

To ensure your daily routines can continue seamlessly, we created one location from which you’re able to log in to all the migrated applications. You’ll be able to quickly access the login page from the Data & Tech drop-down menu. Or, you can click the ‘Login’ link in the upper left corner of the website and select ‘ICE Data Services’ from the drop-down menu that appears.

The ICE U.S. Treasury Index data can be found in the Report Center; bookmark it now using this link:

3. Data and technology services will be organized into four categories: Pricing & Analytics, Exchange Data, Desktops & Tools and Connectivity.

To make finding information easy, we’ve organized our data and technology products and services into four clearly labeled categories. Let me walk through some of the highlights and key changes we’ve made so far related to each category.

  • Pricing & Analytics Highlights – Through the combination of SuperDerivatives and Interactive Data, we now offer pricing and reference data across multiple asset classes including fixed income, equities, FX and derivatives. In addition to pricing and reference data, we also offer a consolidated feed that aggregates content from 450+ global sources, independent valuation solutions to help you meet regulatory requirements and indexing services based on your industry needs.
  • Exchange Data Highlights – We’ve been a leader in delivering exchange data for more than a decade. New data is created every day on our markets and is used to make trading and risk management decisions throughout the lifecycle of a transaction, whether that spans microseconds or comprises a long-term investment or hedging strategy. Today, we operate 11 global exchanges across ICE and NYSE spanning 9 asset classes. We distribute data created in these markets in a range of formats.
  • Desktops & Tools Highlights – ICE was founded in 2000 when we recognized the need for an electronic trading platform that offered energy traders transparent access to their markets. Today, we’ve expanded our suite of desktop solutions and related transaction tools to serve a range of market participants. We offer commodities and wealth management desktops, tools for pricing and analytics, market data platforms, fixed income solutions and a robust set of post-trade tools.
  • Connectivity Highlights – Our connectivity services offer customers a wide range of choices in how they efficiently connect to markets. Through a suite of connectivity options, we offer secure, resilient and low latency access to global markets. By combining Interactive Data and ICE, we gained the ability to connect you to over 150 trading venues and more than 600 market data and news sources across the U.S., Europe and Asia.

As you can see, we’re off to an exciting start, and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you through ICE Data Services. We will continue to keep you updated as we develop new solutions to meet your needs.