Products - Futures & Options

CodeProduct / CompanyGroup
TRITransco Station 85 (Zone 4) Index FutureNatural Gas
TRWTransco Station 85 (Zone 4) Swing FutureNatural Gas
DKRTransco Zone 5 Basis FutureNatural Gas
DKTTransco Zone 5 Index FutureNatural Gas
DKSTransco Zone 5 Swing FutureNatural Gas
TPBTransco Zone 6 (non NY) Basis FutureNatural Gas
TPITransco Zone 6 (non NY) Index FutureNatural Gas
TPSTransco Zone 6 (non NY) Swing FutureNatural Gas
TZSTransco Zone 6 (NY) Basis FutureNatural Gas
NSITransco Zone 6 (NY) Index FutureNatural Gas
ZSSTransco Zone 6 (NY) Swing FutureNatural Gas
TPKTravis Perkins PlcSingle Stock Options
TRLTrunkline LA Basis FutureNatural Gas
TLOTullow Oil PlcSingle Stock Options
NPQTwo Year Mid-Curve Option on New Jersey Solar Renewable Energy Certificate FuturePhysical Environmental
PPTTwo Year Mid-Curve Option on PJM Tri Qualified Renewable Energy Certificates Class 1 FuturePhysical Environmental
K2Two Year Mid-Curve Options on Euribor ® FuturesShort Term Interest Rates
M2Two Year Mid-Curve Options On Short Sterling FutureShort Term Interest Rates
RPTU.S. Treasury DTCC GCF Repo Index®Short Term Interest Rates
UBLUK Base Electricity Future (Gregorian)Electricity
TUK Feed Wheat FuturesGrains
TUK Feed Wheat OptionsGrains
GWEUK Natural Gas (EUR/MWh) FutureNatural Gas
NDGUK Natural Gas Daily Financial FutureNatural Gas
NBDUK Natural Gas Daily FutureNatural Gas
MUK Natural Gas Futures TASNatural Gas
MUK Natural Gas OptionsNatural Gas
ENBUK OCM Gas SpotNatural Gas
UPLUK Peak Electricity Future (Gregorian)Electricity
UBL / MUK Spark SpreadElectricity
UCMULSD 10ppm CIF Med Cargoes FutureCrude Oil and Refined Products
FYA-FYZ; FZA-FZEULSD 10ppm CIF NWE Cargoes Balmo FutureCrude Oil and Refined Products
ULNULSD 10ppm CIF NWE Cargoes FutureCrude Oil and Refined Products
G30Ultra Long Bund FutureMedium/Long Term Interest Rates
G30Ultra Long Bund Future TASMedium/Long Term Interest Rates
UUltra Long Gilt FutureMedium/Long Term Interest Rates
UUltra Long Gilt Futures TASMedium/Long Term Interest Rates
ULVUnilever PLCSingle Stock Options
DWNUnion Dawn Basis FutureNatural Gas
UULUnited Utilities PlcSingle Stock Options
MED-MFHUrals Med vs Dated Brent CFD Balmo FutureCrude Oil and Refined Products
MAM-MBQUrals North vs Dated Brent CFD Balmo FutureCrude Oil and Refined Products
EIIUS EIA Financial Weekly IndexNatural Gas
VRSVedanta Resources PlcSingle Stock Options
VODVodafone Group PlcSingle Stock Options
WAHWaha Basis FutureNatural Gas
WAIWaha Index FutureNatural Gas