Today’s fast-paced environment calls for maximizing operating efficiencies wherever possible. Eliminate manual data entry and automatically validate your security identifiers with extensive fixed income and structured finance securities data.

Processing. Reporting. Analyzing.

  • Get near real-time and end-of-day updates:
  • Broad Coverage—Over 2 million global fixed income securities including corporates, governments, agencies, U.S. municipals and more than 1.4 million U.S. structured finance securities
  • Many Security Types—Includes bonds, notes, bills, medium-term notes, debentures, convertibles, derivatives, Asset-Backed Securities, Collateralized Debt Obligations, Collateralized Mortgage Obligations, Mortgage-Backed Securities and more
  • Follow the Sun Model—A dynamic approach for calculated dates provides data tied to close of business in five regions around the world

Flexible delivery options

You can choose the data delivery option that best meets your business needs:

  • Web-based access via a powerful workflow solution
  • An Excel Plug-in to query the database and refresh information for use at your desktop
  • Data feeds that provide continuous intra-day updates, ad hoc look-ups or an end-of-day file

Data may be selected for both a universe of a given asset class, including any change to the data set or a portfolio specific set of CUSIP®, CINS and/or ISIN identified securities within the universe, and all changes/updates to that portfolio.

Fixed-Income Data Elements

Data Elements Common to U.S. Municipals, U.S. Corporates & U.S. Governments, Global (Excluding North America)

Adjustable Rate Data
Conditional Put Type
Credit Enhancement Data
Features & Schedules

Interest Payment Data
Missed Payment Data
Offering Link
Partial Redemption
Previous Coupon Date

Last Coupon Date
Ratings (S&P, Moody's Fitch)
Redemption History
Related CUSIP Data
Sector Information

Additional Sector-Specific Data Elements

U.S. Municipals

Bond Agents
Building America Bond Indicators
Defeasance Status
Escrow Types & Perentages
Pre-refunded Data
Tax Status

U.S. Corporates & U.S. GovernmentsConvertible Feature
Global (Excluding North America)

CINS Linked to ISINs
Convertible Feature

Associated Obligor / Outstanding Amounts Premium Offering

Manage concentration exposure by linking financial securities and the outstanding amounts to the entities responsible for debt service. The obligated groups covered include entities supporting or guaranteeing debt service such as issuers, obligors, credit enhancement providers and more. The premium offering provides obligated entities for a given security and the outstanding amount historically through the redeemed or purchased amounts.

Structured Finance Asset Class Coverage

Sourced externally from Intex Solutions, this rich data set contains terms and conditions data for Adjustable Rate Mortgages, Asset-Backed Securities, Collateralized Debt Obligations, Collateralized Mortgage-Backed Securities, Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities, and Mortgage-Backed Securities.

Asset Class Coverage1,680,000
Adjustable Rate Mortgages64,000
Asset-Backed Securities165,000
Collateralized Debt Obligations 9,750
Collateralized Mortgage Obligation309,000
Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities22,000
Inverse Floater1,250
Mortgage Backed Securities1,107,000

Structured Finance Data Elements

Accumulated Write-down
Adjustment Frequency
ARM Index
Asset Back Type
Asset Class
Category (Interest Type)
Collateral Type
3 Month CPR (CPR 3MO)
Credit Enhancement Type
Current Credit Enhancement
Current LTV
Dated Date
60 Day Delinquent
90 Day Delinquent
Deal Collateral Manager
Deal Net Loss Rate
Default Rate

Factor Date
High Effective Collar
Identifier Type
Index Code
Index Multiplier
Interest Type
Issue Date (Dated Date/Closing Date)
Issue Description
Issuer Description
Issuer Name
Last Cash Flow Date
Latest CPR (1 Month CPR)
Latest PSA (1 Month PSA)
Look Back Days
Low Effective Collar
Market Spread
Maturity Date
Net Coupon
Net Margin
Nominal Currency Code

Original Balance
Original Credit Enhancement
Original LTV
Original Term (Amortization)
Outstanding Balance
Over Collateralization
Payment Delay
Principal Type
3 Month PSA (PSA 3MO)
Repayment Rate
S&P Rating
Source Indicator Flag
Tranche Life Cap
Tranche Life Floor
Tranche Name
Weighted Average Coupon (WAC)
Weighted Average Life (WAL)
Weighted Average Loan Age (WALA)
Weighted Average Maturity (WAM)
Whole Loan Type (Subordination)

About Securities Evaluations, Inc. Securities Evaluations, Inc. (“SE”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Intercontinental Exchange (“ICE”) SE is a registered investment adviser with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). SE's advisory services include evaluated pricing and model valuation of fixed income securities, derivative valuations and Odd-Lot Pricing that consists of bid- and ask-side evaluated prices for U.S. Municipal and U.S. Corporate Securities (together called valuations services).

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