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Quickly and accurately interpret market activity regardless of originating broker or executing exchange with OptionAlert’s Real-Time Customized Alerts and On-Demand Flow Recaps.


  • Trade Size – trades above a certain contract size, including reconstructed sweep trades on multiple exchanges or across multiple tickets
  • Trade (Hedge) Impact – trades with more than a certain dollar or share impact
  • Advanced Criteria – refine selection by option type, duration, money-ness, executing exchange, and more
  • Cancellations – immediate notification of erroneous reports
  • Unusual Volume Conditions – unusually large option volume in a symbol

Recaps are available for specific tickers, sectors, groups and baskets and in real-time or historically and allow immediate examination of:

  • Top Trades – by contract size and exchange, with side of market and additional detail
  • Most Active Options – including identification of spread activity and new open interest
  • Open Interest Analysis – ranked by change and absolute level
  • Option Bucket Report – concise summary of activity by type, money-ness and expiry
  • Volume per Exchange – volume broken out by exchange and compared against recent history
  • Sentiment – bullish/bearish indicators, put/call ratios and temporal hedge impact analysis
  • Recent Trades – chronological history of trades
  • Trade Pattern Analysis – unusual volume, sweeps, and additional characteristics

The secure Instant Message interface (user name: [email protected]) provides access from 7:15 am to 11:45 pm (EST) daily. IM commands take effect immediately and trade flow queries include all market data with sub-second latency.

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