As you explore new ways to stay ahead of market movements, obtaining differentiated market insight is of increasing importance. The integration of Dataminr alerts into your existing ICE Instant Messaging application provides you timely and actionable news alerts directly within your existing workflow.

Dataminr uses proprietary algorithms to identify impactful signals and deliver tailored content in real-time from over 300 million Tweets daily posted from users around the world.

Key benefits of Dataminr include:

  • A global sensory network — Real-time access to every publicly available Tweet means that Dataminr can quickly surface the relevant Tweets beyond the traditional universe of financial news sources, and provides timely on-the-ground coverage of relevant events

  • Insight into the story behind the story — A proprietary classification system links thousands of companies to tickers, brands, executives, subsidiaries, supply chain, and Twitter handles

  • Out of the box workflow integration — The ability to provide customized alerts directly into your existing ICE IM application ensures a seamless and integrated flow of information

  • Only relevant signals — Three tailored streams of information deliver the most relevant content for traders focused on oil and natural gas
How to Use

  • To access customized Twitter alerts from Dataminr, download the ICE instant messaging app.
  • Search for “dataminr_energy,” “dataminr_oil,” or “dataminr_natgas,” and add as a contact to start your 2-week free trial.

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