Methodology Documents

Index Name Symbol
NYSE Arca Japan IndexJPN
NYSE Arca Junior Gold Bugs IndexJHUI
NYSE Arca Major Market IndexXMI
NYSE Arca Mexico IndexMXY
NYSE Arca Natural Gas IndexXNG
NYSE Arca Networking IndexNWX
NYSE Arca North America Telecommunications IndexXTC
NYSE Arca Oil IndexXOI
NYSE Arca Pharmaceutical IndexDRG
NYSE Arca Steel IndexSTEEL
NYSE Arca Tech 100 IndexPSE
NYSE Arca Tobacco IndexTOB
NYSE Biotechnology IndexNYBIO
NYSE Bitcoin IndexNYXBT
NYSE Diversified High Income IndexNYDVHI
NYSE Dynamic U.S. Allocation IndexNYUSDA
NYSE Dynamic U.S. Large Cap Buy-Write IndexNYBW
NYSE Equal Sector Weight IndexNYXLEW
ICE FactSet® Global NextGen Automotive Technologies Index ICEFSNA
ICE FactSet® Global NextGen Communications IndexICEFSNC
NYSE FactSet® Global Autonomous Driving and Electric Vehicle IndexNYFSAEV
NYSE FactSet® Global Cyber Security IndexNYFSSEC
NYSE FactSet® Global Genomics and Immuno Biopharma IndexNYFSGIB
NYSE FactSet® Global Robotics and Artificial Intelligence IndexNYFSRAI
NYSE FactSet® Global Virtual Work and Life IndexNYFSVWL
NYSE FactSet® U.S. Infrastructure IndexNYFSINF
NYSE FactSet® U.S. Tech Breakthrough IndexNYFSUTB
NYSE Index SeriesSee Symbols
NYSE Multi-Asset High Income IndexNYMLTI
NYSE Pickens Core Midstream IndexNYPYPE
NYSE R&D Innovation IndexNYINOV8
NYSE Technology IndexNYTECH
NYSE U.S Large Cap Equal Weight IndexNYLGCAP
NYSE U.S. Market and Pure Exposure Sector Index FamilySee Symbols
NYSE Yield Collar IndexNYSEYCL
StrataQuant® Global Commodity IndexSTRQGC
StrataQuant® Index SeriesSee Symbols