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Equity Index Families

With more than 25 years of experience, we design, calculate and maintain a wide range of indices that provide investors and issuers with the benchmarks necessary to measure and trade the performance of key segments and strategies. Depending on the underlying strategy behind an index, the index’s calculation methodology, or the area of the market being tracked by an index, indices are separated into the ‘index families’ outlined below.

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NYSE Equity Indices

We calculate and maintain equity indices based on parts of the NYSE market such as an energy index, financial index, health care index, and the NYSE Composite Index. This family also includes newer indices targeting a high income, multi-asset strategy.

NYSE Arca Equity Indices

The NYSE Arca family of indices includes benchmarking across multiple sectors and geographic regions through indices such as the prominent Gold Miners & Biotechnology Indices, and the Hong Kong, Japan and Mexico indices.

NYSE American Equity Indices

To help track parts of the small-cap market, we’ve built benchmarks such as the NYSE American Composite Index, along with various subsector indices covering areas such as natural resources and more.

Intellidex Indices

Our Intellidex methodology is designed to objectively identify stocks within a particular market segment that have the greatest potential for capital appreciation.

StrataQuant® Indices

The StrataQuant® methodology and sector indices are designed to utilize various growth and value factors within the proprietary, rules-based AlphaDEX® fundamental stock selection methodology to invest in various sectors.