Bandwidth Investment To Address Market Data Volumes

Coping within the sheer volume of market data is a perennial challenge. Market participants need to ensure that they take the necessary steps to have the bandwidth and equipment in place to deal with this challenge.

At ICE Data Services, we continue to invest in bandwidth to support regional and global trading strategies.


Upgrade to Core Network, 40G Connectivity Available

Bandwidth remains a key consideration given the upward trend in bandwidth requirements to underpin trading, clearing, valuation and strategy analysis. Already this year we’ve seen OPRA feed alone peak over 20G as a combined A&B feed, we’re also seeing growth in ICE & NYSE markets, as well as growth in third party data sets.

ICE Data Services is investing heavily in core network capacity with a $7m+ upgrade to 100G core for the U.S. in full swing. Our 40G connectivity is already available in a number of key U.S. sites in the NY/NJ metro area and Chicago, and we see increasing uptake as firms look to consolidate connections for different market and data services and deal with rising volumes.


Preparations for Euronext Optiq

We are adding additional 10G port capacity in our European access centers and preparing to upgrade high demand European routes to 20G as well as reviewing utilization and the case for wider expansion.

This is being done to ensure sufficient capacity to meet client demand for multimarket connectivity to the markets and also in preparation for the launch of the new Euronext Optiq market data platform in May 2017. With the development of their new Optiq platform, Euronext will introduce premium unshaped market data feeds for customers with 10Gbps connections. More information about the new Optiq platform and its benefits can be found here


Investment in 10G Backbone

As customers look for opportunities in Asia Pacific, ICE Data Services has invested in the SFTI backbone between Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney and Tokyo – we are the only provider with a 10G backbone with access to a wide range of regional markets. For market data, we can deliver raw feeds or a normalized feed with more than 450 global sources aggregated into one feed. We also offer shared and dedicated hosting in a number of locations in APAC.

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