Historical Market Data from 600+ Global Sources

Access to our comprehensive suite of Tick History services can help you meet your historical data needs. We cover more than 600 global sources to facilitate the collection and distribution of historical data, and enable fast and efficient tick data storage.


Design & Backtest Trading Strategies

Verify Best Execution

Achieve Regulatory Compliance

Power Charting & Technical Analysis Tools

  • Deep tick historical data back to 2005 for U.S. instruments & 2008 for non-U.S. equities
  • Multiple delivery options for on-demand, intraday and end-of-day data
  • Flexible commercials & cost-effective implementations
  • Reduced costs & improved quality through managed services


Tick by Tick FTP

A daily bulk file delivery service designed to deliver high quality time and sales and cross-reference data from global equities, futures and options exchanges

End of Day Summary Pricing

Pricing data on exchange traded securities from major and emerging markets sourcing data directly from the exchange

End of Day Reference Data

Up-to-date security master data files generated at close of the business and includes high quality reference data fields such as SEDOL, ISIN & Bloomberg ID

On-Demand Tick History

Access to historical data that can be immediately and easily consumed by the downstream desktop or application in order to help meet charting and technical analysis requirements

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