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Enhancements in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo offer managed hosting services and ultra-low-latency connectivity to global markets. Learn more

Fiber Networks

ICE Global Network raises the standard of resiliency to the financial marketplace, offering an ultra-secure, high performance network that connects market participants to a broad range of trading venues across the globe for market data and order execution through a single connection.

Get started with ICE Global Network

Connectivity can also be provisioned over our lower latency backbone for faster market data and order routing. ICE Global Network utilizes optimized fiber routes, point-to-point circuits and low latency switching hardware for connection to a large number of market venues.

Depth and Breadth of Content & Community

ICE Global Network spans the equities, fixed income, futures, options and foreign exchange asset classes offering direct access to over 150+ trading venues and information from 750+ proprietary and third party sources.

Flexible Delivery Options

Choose from a variety of connectivity options to suit your requirements. Connect to the ICE Global Network at any of the 36 ICE Global Network Access Centers or flexible custom network configurations and data transport needs.

Ultra-high Security

Maximize up-time and avoid single points of failure with ICE Global Network - securely route orders and access hundreds of trading venues, data feeds, clearing and other trading services.

Raw Tick Historical Data

Daily packet captures of market data for equities and futures exchanges in the U.S. and Europe with nanosecond resolutions timestamps.