Access to comprehensive price discovery is vital to accurately value the cryptocurrency market. Our Cryptocurrency Data Feed, available on the ICE Consolidated Feed, gives you access to streaming real-time and historical data for the most actively traded digital currencies.

Broad coverage includes seven digital currencies from global trading venues, markets and exchanges around the world:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ether
  • Litecoin
  • Tether
  • Dash
  • Ripple
  • Bitcoin Cash

ICE and Blockstream are working together to offer multi-asset and multi-venue data from 30+ cryptocurrency trading venues, markets, and exchanges globally. This service captures over two-thirds of the global crypto trading volume. All crosses are captured and normalized which creates a unique sequence number, details on where the trade took place, and other relevant order book data such as quantity, price, currency and timestamp.

  • Seven digital currencies against USD and other major currencies
  • Calculated crosses between the digital currencies
  • Three years of Bitcoin (XBT) history
  • XBT/USD averages over 1,200,000 updates per day
  • In excess of 4,000,000 updates per day across all digital pairs

Also on the ICE Consolidated Feed:

  • NYXBT - NYSE Bitcoin Index
  • Comprehensive Level 1 and 2 futures pricing
X:SXBTXRPBitcoin (b) vs Ripple Spot (XBT/XRP)
X:SXBTUSTBitcoin (b) vs USD Tether Spot (XBT/UST)
X:SXBTCADBitcoin (b) vs Canadian Dollar Spot (XBT/CAD)
X:SXBTCNYBitcoin (b) vs China Yuan Renminbi Spot (XBT/CNY)
X:SXBTEURBitcoin (b) vs Euro Spot (XBT/EUR)
X:SXBTJPYBitcoin (b) vs Japanese Yen Spot (XBT/JPY)
X:SXBTMXNBitcoin (b) vs Mexican Peso Spot (XBT/MXN)
X:SXBTGBPBitcoin (b) vs Pound Sterling Spot (XBT/GBP)
X:SXBTRUBBitcoin (b) vs Russian Ruble Spot (XBT/RUB)
X:SXBTSGDBitcoin (b) vs Singapore Dollar Spot (XBT/SGD)
X:SXBTUSDBitcoin (b) vs United States Dollar Spot (XBT/USD)
X:SETHXBTEther (b) vs Bitcoin Spot (ETH/XBT)
X:SETHUSTEther (b) vs USD Tether Spot (ETH/UST)
X:SETHCADEther (b) vs Canadian Dollar Spot (ETH/CAD)
X:SETHCNYEther (b) vs China Yuan Renminbi Spot (ETH/CNY)
X:SETHEUREther (b) vs Euro Spot (ETH/EUR)
X:SETHGBPEther (b) vs Pound Sterling Spot (ETH/GBP)
X:SETHJPYEther (b) vs Japanese Yen Spot (ETH/JPY)
X:SETHMXNEther (b) vs Mexican Peso Spot (ETH/MXN)
X:SETHUSDEther (b) vs United States Dollar Spot (ETH/USD)
X:SLTCXBTLitecoin (b) vs Bitcoin Spot (LTC/XBT)
X:SLTCUSTLitecoin (b) vs USD Tether Spot (LTC/UST)
X:SLTCCNYLitecoin (b) vs China Yuan Renminbi Spot (LTC/CNY)
X:SLTCEURLitecoin (b) vs Euro Spot (LTC/EUR)
X:SLTCGBPLitecoin (b) vs Pound Sterling Spot (LTC/GBP)
X:SLTCJPYLitecoin (b) vs Japanese Yen Spot (LTC/JPY)
X:SLTCMXNLitecoin (b) vs Mexican Peso Spot (LTC/MXN)
X:SLTCUSDLitecoin (b) vs United States Dollar Spot (LTC/USD)
X:SXRPXBTRipple (b) vs Bitcoin Spot (XRP/XBT)
X:SXRPEURRipple (b) vs Euro Spot (XRP/EUR)
X:SXRPJPYRipple (b) vs Japanese Yen Spot (XRP/JPY)
X:SXRPMXNRipple (b) vs Mexican Peso Spot (XRP/MXN)
X:SXRPUSDRipple (b) vs United States Dollar Spot (XRP/USD)
X:SDAHXBTDash (b) vs Bitcoin Spot (DAH/XBT)
X:SDAHEURDash (b) vs Euro Spot (DAH/EUR)
X:SDAHGBPDash (b) vs Pound Sterling Spot (DAH/GBP)
X:SDAHUSDDash (b) vs United States Dollar Spot (DAH/USD)
X:SBCHXBTBitcoin Cash (b) vs Bitcoin Spot (BCH/XBT)
X:SBCHETHBitcoin Cash (b) vs Ether Spot (BCH/ETH)
X:SBCHUSTBitcoin Cash (b) vs USD Tether Spot (BCH/UST)
X:SBCHEURBitcoin Cash (b) vs Euro Spot (BCH/EUR)
X:SBCHJPYBitcoin Cash (b) vs Japanese Yen Spot (BCH/JPY)
X:SBCHGBPBitcoin Cash (b) vs Pound Sterling Spot (BCH/GBP)
X:SBCHUSDBitcoin Cash (b) vs United States Dollar Spot (BCH/USD)


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