Gain exposure to UK government debt, with a broad range of trading strategies for managing interest rate exposure.

Available in a range of maturities out to 30 years, ICE Gilt futures and options provide trading opportunities for market participants looking to hedge or gain exposure to interest rates around anticipated central bank rate changes. These on-exchange, standardized contracts are centrally cleared, offering capital efficiencies through margin offsets across the wider ICE interest rates portfolio.

Our flagship ICE Long Gilt futures contract is the benchmark for the intermediate term of the UK government bond yield curve. Against the current UK political and economic backdrop, trading participants are increasingly turning to Gilt futures to manage portfolio risk. This demand continues to drive liquidity in the market, evidenced by rising trading volume and consistent open interest growth.

Long Gilt options complement the futures contract and offer even greater flexibility in managing portfolio risk, which may serve as a catalyst for further growth in the complex over the coming months.

Long Gilt Options: Growing Exposure to the 10-Year Benchmark

Physically-settled, ICE Long Gilt options offer a variety of risk management and trading opportunities.

Why Trade Long Gilt Options?

Trading Opportunities

Express market views on price volatility

Portfolio Management

Manage risk and hedge against changes in monetary policy

Trading Strategies

Manage portfolio returns through a number of related trading strategies

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