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ICIS Natural Gas Daily Futures

A global natural gas market has formed, with European natural gas playing a pivotal role in gas-on-gas pricing and serving as the balancing market for liquefied natural gas. Hedge, trade and clear the European benchmarks, with the first financially and physically settled spot and prompt National Balancing Point (NBP) and Transfer Title Facility (TTF) contracts which are priced against the day-ahead and weekend price assessments from ICIS.

Access the European Benchmarks

ICIS is a global source of commodity intelligence and market information to the European natural gas marketplace. With four decades of expertise in providing independent pricing information, news and analytics, ICIS is a leading provider of independent price assessments and indices for the British NBP, Dutch TTF and other European gas spot markets.

ICE is home to the TTF and NBP natural gas derivatives markets, providing market participants access to deep and liquid markets to manage their risk exposure to these benchmark gas hubs. ICIS and ICE offer the first financially settled spot and prompt NBP and TTF daily natural gas futures contract which settle against the ICIS day-ahead and weekend price assessments. This facility complements ICE’s natural gas product portfolio and provides participants with additional opportunities to manage risk, trade and clear these European natural gas benchmarks.