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As interest in ESG grows, market participants are seeking to understand how social factors can affect their investment and the potential impact of their investment on society. ICE offers a range of datasets to help investors measure social factors and integrate social impact data into their decision making.

Social Impact Data

Socioeconomic and demographic data to quantify the potential social impact of a financial investment in a community.

Workforce Data

Location-specific, anonymized and aggregated workforce payroll data to gain greater transparency to the municipal bond market.

Social Impact Data

ICE’s Social Impact Data provides socioeconomic and demographic insight on the municipal bond and mortgage-backed security (MBS) markets, enhancing the decision-making process for investors as they execute sustainable and socially-conscious strategies.

The dataset, which includes scores and underlying health, demographic, and geospatial metrics, helps quantify the potential social impact of a financial investment in a community. It helps identify communities with greater opportunity for improvement so that targeted investments can bring resources to vulnerable and marginalized communities - a key input to measuring and addressing progress on social and climate justice.

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Features and benefits
  • Extensive coverage of U.S. municipal and MBS market: CUSIP-level coverage of ~98% of the ~$4T in outstanding municipal debt and ~95% coverage of the U.S. MBS universe.
  • Scores: The Social Impact Score is an aggregated 0-100 score that investors can use to evaluate the potential social benefit of an investment within a specific area. The score, which is a combination of seven individual metrics (each with a score of their own) quantifies the demographics and financial resources of the residents residing within a community.
  • Granular data: Other metrics are available that reflect the component demographic, health, and other geospatial data underpinning the scores.

Flexible delivery options include a file-based solution and the ICE Social Impact Data tool, a user-friendly web platform with the ability to input any U.S. location to assess social impact opportunities and needs.

ICE Social Impact Data tool features:

  • Customizable capabilities for user-defined searches and templates
  • Downloadable visuals and the ability to generate custom reports

Workforce Data

This dataset adds transparency to the municipal bond market by integrating municipal bond reference data from ICE with location-specific, anonymized and aggregated workforce payroll data from ADP. With this data, market participants can better understand and assess the economic stability and creditworthiness of U.S. municipal bond market issuers. This dataset can assess a range of dynamics that could impact an issuer and supplement their fundamental research.

Features and benefits
  • Extensive coverage: ADP data covers ~1-in-6 of the working U.S. populations across all 50 states. This data is linked to more than 1 million municipal bonds.
  • Scores: ICE Composite Scores available include migration score, age score, income level score, industry sector score and an overall score. Scores are percentile ranked to make relative comparisons.
  • Granular data: Granular aggregated and anonymized human capital data, including average gross pay, total projected income, average commute distance, details into specific job sectors and more than 50 other distinct fields.
  • Continuously updated: Demographic data with monthly updates from ADP.

Explore the four motivations driving usage

Data is key to the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) revolution. Access to granular data can help boost transparency for market participants. Unfortunately, 63% of U.S. and European asset managers say a lack of quantitative data inhibits their ESG implementation.

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