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Impact Bond Data

Impact bond issuance continues to grow as investors seek ways for their capital to contribute to sustainability goals. To bring greater transparency to this market, ICE’s Impact Bond Classification Service offers data that align with industry-recognized impact bond frameworks. Clients can supplement the Classification Service data with ICE’s Impact Bond Use of Proceeds, which provides project details, proceeds allocation reports and impact reports.

The Impact Bond datasets can be used independently or to complement ICE’s extensive reference and pricing data services which includes reference data coverage of over 35 million active and retired financial instruments.


Extensive database of corporate, sovereign and municipal debt instruments that identifies bonds independently verified as adhering to an industry recognized impact bond framework.

Complete and timely data

We continually monitor sources to identify new impact bond issuances.

Use of proceeds data
Additional module covering global, independently verified corporate and sovereign impact bonds that provides project details, proceed allocation reports and impact reports.
Climate Physical Risk Data

Project details

  • Nearly 200 project classifications based on use of proceeds
  • Intended UN SDG contributions
  • Categories of projects excluded from eligibility for use of proceeds
  • EU Taxonomy contributions

Allocation reports

  • Proceeds allocated per reporting period
  • Proceeds used for refinancing, CapEx and other disbursements
  • Unallocated proceeds
  • Independent reviewer details

Impact reports

  • Impact reporting methodology
  • Contribution to SDGs
  • Contributions to EU Taxonomy objectives
  • Other impact metrics

Explore the four motivations driving usage

Data is key to the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) revolution. Access to granular data can help boost transparency for market participants. Unfortunately, 63% of U.S. and European asset managers say a lack of quantitative data inhibits their ESG implementation.

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