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ICE Sustainable Finance Monthly
August 2022

ICE Sustainable Finance Monthly

This month we’re announcing our Climate and Capital Conference. The event, held on September 21, will bring together leaders across industries to discuss climate risks and opportunities. We also bring you findings from our recent Impact Bond Report which examines the market for impact bonds using ICE data.

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This month's hot topics

Climate & Capital Conference

As the frequency and severity of climate events continues to evolve, there is growing focus over how markets and society will identify and manage climate-related risks and opportunities. To learn how to take action to address these changes, join us virtually on September 21 at the Climate & Capital Conference hosted by ICE, Gitterman Asset Management and Fintech TV.

The virtual event will bring together industry leaders in investment, business, and climate communities to discuss pertinent climate topics including strategies to align capital with climate commitments, ways to effectively engage with corporate issuers on decarbonization strategies, solutions to measure and manage climate risk and uncover opportunities, and much more.


Q2 Impact Bond Analysis

Global issuance of impact bonds was US$382.3 billion in H1 2022, down 16% from the same period a year earlier. Lackluster monthly issuance since February 2022 recovered briefly in May, supported by sizeable issuances from European governments, before falling again in June. The movement is largely in line with the broader fixed income market, with the percentage of impact bonds versus general bond issuance remaining broadly consistent, ranging between 2% and 4% over the past six months.

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Visualizing ESG factors through infographics

Understanding environmental markets and ESG data can be complex. To visualize these concepts, we worked with Visual Capitalist to create infographics on the role of data in boosting ESG transparency, and an exploration of how environmental markets are supporting the transition to net zero emissions.

Four motivations that drive ESG data use

How Environmental Markets Advance Net Zero

Solution spotlight

Mortgage-Backed Securities gain ESG data coverage

We recently launched ESG data coverage on over 1.5M mortgage-backed securities (MBS) boosting our total fixed income coverage to over 3M instruments. ICE’s MBS data set accounts for ~95% of all outstanding securitized real estate loan volume in the U.S. and provides CUSIP-linked climate and socioeconomic data for single-family, multi-family and commercial mortgage-related securities

Helping meet SFDR requirements

The European Union’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (EU SFDR) requires financial market participants to identify and disclose certain sustainable impacts. To help clients meet their obligations, our data solution offers event-triggered updates for all mandatory adverse sustainability indicators applicable to investments in companies, sovereigns and supranationals.

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