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Sustainable Finance Data

Sustainable Finance Data

A sharper focus on sustainability means institutions and finance professionals are looking beyond traditional analysis to assess risks and opportunities, and are factoring in environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into their decision-making. ICE offers a range of cross asset sustainable finance data and tools that provide a comprehensive view of ESG issues across the market to help you uncover opportunities, manage risk, and provide transparency to your clients.

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Data is key to the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) revolution. Access to granular data can help boost transparency for market participants. Unfortunately, 63% of U.S. and European asset managers say a lack of quantitative data inhibits their ESG implementation.

Better understand the ESG risks and opportunities of equity and fixed income securities (including corporate bonds, municipals and mortgage-backed securities) with ICE’s ESG Data - coverage now includes 3 million fixed income instruments. The service provides detailed ESG attributes and indicators that may be financially-material, such as greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reported, board diversity, benefits, workforce breakdown and many others, sourced from both company and publicly-available third-party sources. An ESG assessment and risk data is also available as part of the data set to provide a 360-degree view of ESG factors.


Extensive coverage

Over 550 data attributes and indicators including greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reported, board diversity, benefits, workforce breakdown and many others available on equity and fixed income securities.

Security linkage

With experience in researching corporate structures through our Business Entity Service, our ESG data is linked to individual securities using ICE corporate hierarchy entity data. This allows users to analyze data at the individual investment level.

Quality data collection

Data is sourced and quality controlled through our dedicated team of reference data specialists. We aim to provide extensive and up to date coverage of multiple data sources and to endeavor to provide the most current ESG data to aid in your decision making.

Risk data

In order to provide greater transparency into the risks of public companies, ESG risk data from RepRisk, an ESG data science company, is offered as part of this service. This risk-focused data set provides detailed metrics related to how a company manages its business conduct risks, based on third-party, publicly available sources external to a company.

Quantitative assessment

As part of this service we also provide the BofA ESGMeterTM, a quantitative assessment of a company’s relative ESG performance to its peer group created using ICE’s ESG Data.

ICE extends climate risk management offering with acquisition of Urgentem

Adds transition risk data service and expands ICE’s coverage to over 30,000 public and private companies

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