ICE Data Derivatives supports critical processes across front, middle and back offices around the world. We help support intraday, real-time decision making in financial organizations assisting our customers link strategic objectives with actions.

Cross-asset coverage:

Commodities »

Universe: Precious metals, base metals, energy, power, agricultures, commodity indices and sub-indices

Credit »

Universe: Up to 2,000 single names, 500 indices

Equities »

Universe: Up to 8,000 single names and 600 indices & ETFs

FX »

Universe: More than 200 currency pairs

Interest Rates »

Universe: Up to 60 currencies

A wide range of Derivatives data solutions:

Up to 12 years of history across each asset class* underpins our market data, valuation capabilities, analytics and solutions. Virtually all data used in model building and calibration is implied from trading levels.

*Subject to coverage confirmation by IDD, on an underlying by underlying basis


FX Forwards, LIBOR Yield Curves, OIS, BMA, Cross Currency, Basis Swap, Inflation, Equity Forward, Dividend, VAR Swap, Precious & Base Metals, Agriculture, Energy & Softs, CDS, CDX, Tranche & Sector


Currency, Swaption, Cap & Floor, Caplet/Floorlet, Inflation Pricing Surface, Precious & Base Metals, Agriculture, Energy & Softs, Equity Indices, Equity Single Names, CDX


Currency-Currency, CMS Spread, Commodity, Index-Index, Index-Currency, Single Name-Single Name & Single Name-Currency

Multiple frequencies and delivery options to fit client workflows:

Our delivery formats include: