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Opportunities in the U.K. Equity Derivatives Market

Watch the replay of our panel discussion with FTSE Russell and Barclays Corporate and Investment Banking, as we discussed trends and opportunities in the U.K. equity market, along with an overview of ICE’s FTSE Russell index-linked derivatives.


  • Update on U.K. equity market trends
  • Overview of opportunities in U.K. midcaps
  • Breakdown of the FTSE derivatives market and products
  • How to get exposure to the U.K. market through derivatives: FTSE 250 or FTSE 100?
  • Update on margin efficiencies of centralised clearing


  • Marlies van Boven - Head of Global Investment Research, EMEA, FTSE Russell
  • Ryan Woolwright - Head of Index Trading Desk, Barclays Corporate and Investment Banking
  • Jon Garner - Manager, Equity Derivatives, ICE (Moderator)