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Financial pipelines at scale:
From data inputs to signal extraction

With speakers from SIGTech and Amazon Web Services (AWS), we discussed how quantitative groups can access data and analytics while processing that data to produce signals using cloud hosted infrastructure.

Topics included:

  • Market data attributes around research and back testing, including for illiquid securities in evolving markets
  • How to blend alternative data with market data into analyses
  • New cloud hosted platforms that combine data preparation tools with architecture to handle scaling, productionizing strategies and reduce time to market
  • How clients are using AI/ML for building signals


  • Balaji Gopalan, Principal Solution Architect, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Chao Yan, CTO, SIGTech
  • Satish Vedantam, Director of Quantitative Engineering, ICE Data Services
  • Peenaki Dam, Head of Product Innovation, ICE Data Services (Moderator)