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Confirmations As Fast As Your Trades

Our industry-leading electronic trade confirmation service provides fast, accurate and legally binding confirmations for the OTC market.

  • Patented Technology: Widely adopted by leading banks, energy marketers, utilities, hedge funds and brokers worldwide (200+ global customer base)
  • Instant & Paperless: Achieve regulatory timely confirmation requirements with confirmation matched and legally executed within seconds or minutes, not days
  • Global Reach: Confirm trades in North America, Asia, and European markets around the clock
  • On & Off Facility: Confirm trades executed through the ICE trading platform or on other venues, via voice brokers, or directly between counterparties
  • Confidential & Secure: Leverages our high performance, secure and fully-audited systems
  • Flexible Architecture: Trade input and export via web-form, file upload or direct system interface (XML API)
  • Seamless integration with Trade Vault, ICE’s global, cross-asset trade repository

Comprehensive Market Coverage

North AmericaEuropeAsia
Financial Oil & Refined ProductsFinancial Oil & Refined ProductsFinancial Oil & Refined Products
Financial PowerUK Physical Power
Financial Natural GasBase & Precious metalsBase & Precious Metals
Physical PowerNatural Gas
Financial Natural Gas UK Physical Natural Gas
Physical Natural Gas LiquidsUK Financial Power
Physical Oil & Financial Natural Gas Financial Natural Gas
Physical Natural GasUK Financial Natural Gas
EmissionsContinental Physical Natural Gas
Financial AgriculturesContinental Physical Power
Base & Precious MetalsContinental Financial Power
Physical CoalEmissions
WeatherFinancial Agricultures

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