Connectivity & Colocation

We offer several internet, direct and colocation services outside our web trading platform and mobile app to meet the needs of your business. Those services are outlined below, and we're happy to talk with you in more detail about which connectivity solution is right for you.

Secure Financial Transaction Infrastructure (SFTI)

SFTI is a highly resilient private network that evolves with the regulatory environment to provide a safe, dedicated connection to global markets. In addition to serving as a connection to our world-class, liquid futures, equities and options markets, SFTI offers access to more than 140 leading equities, options, futures, fixed income and FX venues and trading services.

How It Works
The SFTI network relies on physically diverse links that run on industry-leading hardware and management platforms, operating two geographically diverse networks to provide the highest network resiliency for our customers.

You’re able to connect to our markets at any of the 24 SFTI Access Centers across the U.S. and Europe. By using a single port at one of the SFTI Access Centers, you can securely route orders and get streamlined access to more than 500 market data feeds, plus clearing and other trading services including a range of third-party exchanges and service providers to connectivity to Exchange Disaster Recovery sites.

Depending on your firm’s needs, you can choose from a range of port speeds up to 40Gbps.

SFTI ® Self-Service Portal

Colocation Services (Colo)

With CoLo, you can co-locate your servers and other infrastructure systems on-site at one of the award-winning ICE liquidity centers in the U.S. (Mahwah, New Jersey, Atlanta, Georgia and Chicago, Illinois) and UK (Basildon, Essex).

How It Works
Colocation enables you to:

  • Host your trading systems in our award-winning facilities, recognized throughout the industry for resiliency and uninterrupted availability
  • Choose colocation options ranging from high density powered full cabinets to entry-level partial cabinets
  • Benefit from dedicated on-site data center operations teams and multiple levels of infrastructure resiliency with no single point of failure
  • Use auto-execution and algorithmic engines to operate without latency introduced by WAN/LAN connections
  • Maintain WAN connectivity and end-to-end backhaul/management


With ICE Hub, you can set up direct and telco-managed ethernet connections to our systems at any of our regional network connection hubs in Atlanta, Chicago, New York, London and Singapore.

How It Works

  • ICE Hub is a cost-effective option for primary and/or redundant connections to ICE
  • Ethernet connectivity (both direct and telco-managed connections) are accepted
  • Carrier diversity is available

  • ICE Net

    ICE Net incorporates existing Internet connectivity to access the ICE trading platform and its ecosystem of applications.

    How It Works
    Available for no additional cost or access charges, ICE Net:

  • Allows customers to manage existing connectivity and equipment
  • Encrypts data messaging using 128-bit SSL
  • Is available from any Internet access point in the world
  • Can be used by independent software vendors (ISVs)

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