For more than 10 years, Cscreen has played a key role in improving price transparency across global derivatives markets. Today, Cscreen is used by over 80 brokers and 130 banks / market makers to:

  • Communicate 'Indications of Interest' (IOI)
  • Provide accurate, transparent price dissemination
  • Support exotic strategies on single and multiple underlyings

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For brokers, the standardized format simplifies order entry while allowing them to easily track and modify orders. For traders, the result of a standardized format is a more accurate representation of price across listed and OTC equity derivatives that enables them to more easily identify opportunities and make more informed trading decisions. In addition to helping clients improve price transparency in the vanilla equities market, Cscreen also handles exotic strategies on single and multiple underlyings.

Cscreen is available as a web-based app and an API.

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Download Current Cscreen Test

Click here to download a test version of the redesigned Cscreen application:

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Centralized view of indicative markets
Archiving of chat and event logs for internal and regulatory control
Flexible filtering – by region, sector and strategy type
Flexible order management – including order entry, order cloning and order feed to email, all of which are available via pop-up menus connected to each indicative price
Selective multicast function –create specific groups of firms or individual users for dissemination of prices
Internal whiteboard function – allows users within the same firm to modify/view each other’s prices
Request for Quote (RFQ) function – facility to request quotes on specific underlyings
Export to Excel – save and store order details and perform further analysis
24-hour Customer Support – by telephone and email
One-to-one instant chat function – users can negotiate indicative prices on-line and in real-time
Sound alerts – for incoming orders, messages and trades
Open and detach order books to monitor separate markets
Ability to import from Excel – manage order in Excel then import dynamically into the GUI
Ability to view market depth – shows every price entered for a particular structure from different brokers
Ability to see fair value – user generated theoretical prices displayed in the Cscreen GUI