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ICE Digital Trade

ICE Digital Trade provides paperless global trade management solutions which digitize, automate, and accelerate trade & post-trade operations, finance, logistics, compliance, and visibility.

65,000+ companies – including leading commodity producers and traders in the metals & minerals, agriculture, oil & gas, energy, and petrochemicals sectors, plus banks and chambers of commerce – use our digital trade solutions globally across all key shipping modes.

ICE Digital Trade is provided by essDOCS (a part of ICE)
Explore the operational, financial and compliance benefits that ICE Digital Trade can provide to your organization

Featured solutions


Electronic Title Documents (powered by CargoDocs) enables companies to digitize original bills of lading, warehouse warrants, promissory notes and bills of exchange, plus supporting documents.

Physical trade and supply chain participants can digitally manage the entire lifecycle of key title documents used in domestic and international trade & trade finance, including: transfer of eDocs to buyers, electronic presentation (ePresentation) to banks, returns, recuts, splits, convert to paper (if required), and official copies for customs authorities.

Over 8,000 companies and 50 banking groups use our Electronic Title Documents solution across 81 countries.

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Related solutions


Digitally generate, collect, approve and manage all trade & shipping documents.

ePresentation for Banks

Electronically present original eDocs under eUCP Documentary Credit (eUCP Presentation) and/or Documentary Collection (eDocumentary Collection).

Tank Barge Documents

Digitize Tank Barge load & discharge docs including original receipts + supporting docs.

Agri Barge Documents (BDT)

Barge Digital Transformation (BDT) solution for digitally managing dry barge applications + docs in agricultural commodity trade.