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ETRCross Currency Pairs Turkish Lira/EuroEmerging Markets
ILSDollar Based Currency Pairs Israeli Shekel/Us DollarEmerging Markets
KMPDollar Based Currency Pairs Mexican peso/US dollarEmerging Markets
PLNDollar Based Currency Pairs Polish Zloty/Us DollarEmerging Markets
TRMDollar Based Currency Pairs Turkish Lira/Us DollarEmerging Markets
VCDollar Based Currency Pairs US Dollar/Czech KorunaEmerging Markets
VUDollar Based Currency Pairs US Dollar/Hungarian ForintEmerging Markets
NTDollar Based Currency Pairs US Dollar/Norw. KroneEmerging Markets
ZRDollar Based Currency Pairs US Dollar/S.African RandEmerging Markets
KXDollar Based Currency Pairs US Dollar/Swedish KronaEmerging Markets
EZEuro Currency Pairs Euro/Czech Koruna FuturesEmerging Markets
HREuro Currency Pairs Euro/Hungarian Forint FuturesEmerging Markets
KOLEuro Currency Pairs Euro/Norwegian Krone FuturesEmerging Markets
YZEuro Currency Pairs Euro/South African Rand FuturesEmerging Markets
SHDMini Hong Kong Dollar/US Dollar FuturesEmerging Markets
SIDMini Indonesian Rupiah/US Dollar FuturesEmerging Markets
SWDMini Korean Won / US Dollar FuturesEmerging Markets
SMDMini Malaysian Ringgit/US Dollar FuturesEmerging Markets
SNDMini New Taiwan Dollar/US Dollar FuturesEmerging Markets
CNMMini Onshore Renminbi/US Dollar FuturesEmerging Markets
SPDMini Philippine Peso/US Dollar FuturesEmerging Markets
SBDMini Thai Baht/US Dollar FuturesEmerging Markets
CHMMini US Dollar/Offshore Renminbi FuturesEmerging Markets
SGDMini US Dollar/Singapore Dollar FuturesEmerging Markets
SDSUS Dollar/Singapore Dollar FuturesEmerging Markets
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