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JKM LNG (Platts) Average Price Options71090519

ICE Futures Europe

JKM LNG (Platts) Average Price Options



A European style option which expires into the corresponding JKM LNG (Platts) futures contract (JKM)

Market Specifications

Trading Screen Product Name
LNG Futures
Trading Screen Hub Name
Contract Symbol
Trading Model
Continuous trading throughout trading hours.
Contract Size
10,000 MMBtu
Unit of Trading
Any multiple of 10,000 MMBtus
US Dollars and cents per MMBtu
US Dollars and cents
Minimum Price Fluctuation
$0.005 per MMBtu
Option Premium / Daily Margin
All open contracts are marked-to-market daily. Futures style margining (not premium paid up-front)
Contract Series
Up to 156 consecutive monthly Contract Periods, or as otherwise determined by the Exchange. Quarterly, seasonal, calendar, and any period of consecutive monthly contracts can be registered as a strip
Off Exchange Trade Types
Exchange for Physical (EFP)
Exchange for Swap (EFS)
Trading Methods
Electronic futures, Exchange for Physical (EFP), Exchange for Swap (EFS) and Block Trades are available for this contract
Contract Security
ICE Clear Europe acts as the central counterparty for trades conducted on ICE Futures Europe.
Strike Price Increments
This contract will support strike prices with increments of $0.10 within a range of $1 to $25. This range may be revised from time to time according to future price movements. The at-the-money strike price is the closest interval nearest to the previous business day's settlement price of the underlying contract
Last Trading Day
Trading shall cease at the close of business on the 15th calendar day of the calendar month prior to the contract month. If the 15th calendar day is not a business day then trading shall cease on the next preceding business day.
Option Style
Options are European style and will be automatically exercised on the expiry day if they are ‘in the money’. The future resulting from exercise immediately goes to cash settlement relieving market participants of the need to concern themselves with liquidation or exercise issues , If an option is ‘out of the money’ it will expire automatically. It is not permitted to exercise the option on any other day or in any other circumstance. No manual exercise is permitted.
The 15th calendar day of the calendar month prior to the con tract month. If the 15th calendar day is not a business day then expiry will be on the next preceding business day.

Exercise of the option will give rise to a corresponding JKM LNG (Platts) Futures (JKM) Contract between Buyer and Seller at the strike price of the option and in the relevant contract month.
Business Days
Publication days for Platts LNG Daily
MIC Code
Clearing Venues

Trading Hours

New York7:50 PM - 6:00 PM*
19:50 - 18:00
7:40 PM
London12:50 AM - 11:00 PM*
00:50 - 23:00
12:40 AM
Singapore8:50 AM - 7:00 AM*
08:50 - 07:00
8:40 AM

*Next Day


Clearing Admin Name
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