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Option on MISO Indiana Hub Real-Time Peak Daily Look Back Fixed Price Future

Option on MISO Indiana Hub Real-Time Peak Daily Look Back Fixed Price Future6590534


A daily Option on the corresponding Contract Period of the MISO Indiana Hub Day-Ahead Peak Daily Fixed Price Future

Market Specifications

Trading Screen Product Name
Peak Futures
Trading Screen Hub Name
Indiana Hub RT (Look Back)
Commodity Code
Settlement Method
Exercise into Underlying Futures Contract
Contract Size
800 MWh
Minimum Price Fluctuation
The price quotation convention shall be One cent ($0.01) per MWh; minimum price fluctuation may vary by trade type. Please see Table in Resolution 1 to this Chapter 18.
Listing Cycle
Up to 365 consecutive daily Contract Periods, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and NERC Holidays
Last Trading Day
For Monday through Friday Contract Periods, excluding NERC holidays, if the following calendar day is a Business Day, the Business Day following the Contract Period with a closing time of 11:00pm EPT the night before; If the following calendar day is not a Business Day, the Business Day equal to the Contract Period with a closing time equal to the end of the Trading Session For each Saturday, Sunday, and NERC holiday Contract Period, the last Business Day prior to the Contract Period with a closing time equal to the end of the Trading Session.
Option Style
Exercise Method
Automatic Only
Exercise Procedure
Manual exercise or abandon is not permitted
Exercise Day
The seventh Clearing Organization business day following the Last Trading Day
Automatic Exercise Provisions
Options which are "in the money", with respect to the average of the Reference Price A prices, exercise automatically into the Underlying Futures Contract with a contract price equal to the Strike Price. Options which are "out of the money" expire automatically.
a) Ref Price A - Description
"ELECTRICITY-MISO-INDIANA HUB-REAL TIME" means that the price for a Pricing Date will be that day's Specified Price per MWh of electricity for delivery on the Delivery Date, stated in U.S. Dollars, published by the MISO at, under the headings "Library: Market Reports" or any successor headings, that reports prices effective on that Pricing Date.
b) Ref Price A - Pricing Date
Each day that prices are reported for the Delivery Date
c) Ref Price A - Specified Price
Average of LMPs for all hours ending 0800-2300 EPT
d) Ref Price A - Pricing calendar
e) Ref Price A - Delivery Date
Contract Period
Strike Price Listing Provisions
A minimum of ten Strike Prices in increments of $1.00 per MWh above and below the at-the-money Strike Price. Strike Price boundaries are adjusted according to futures price movements. User-defined Strike Prices are allowed in $0.05 increments.
MIC Code
Clearing Venues

Trading Hours

New York7:50 PM - 6:00 PM*
19:50 - 18:00
7:40 PM
London12:50 AM - 11:00 PM*
00:50 - 23:00
12:40 AM
Singapore7:50 AM - 6:00 AM*
07:50 - 06:00
7:40 AM

*Next Day

Sunday Pre-Open 5:40 PM ET; Closed on Saturday


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Pwr East Daily
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