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ICE Futures Europe

Flutter Entertainment Plc


Physically Delivered Option Contract on UK Single Equities

Market Specifications

Trading Screen Product Name
Flutter Entertainment plc (LSE)
Trading Screen Hub Name
Contract Symbol
Unit of Trading
One option normally equals rights over 1000 shares. Due to corporate action contract adjustments some equity options series may have a non-standard contract size. Details of non-standard contract sizes can be found here
Pence per share
Minimum Price Fluctuation
0.5 pence per share / £5.00
*Some equity options have a minimum price movement of 0.25 pence.
Last Trading Day
16:30 London Time. Third Friday in expiry month
*In the event that this day is not a business day, then the Last Trading Day shall normally be the preceding full business day
Trading System
Full contract specification and related documents
No. 201 - Equity Share Option Contracts (Delivery Months: December 2013 Onwards) Equity Related Security Contract (Company Shares and Depositary Receipts) (No. 211) (01/07/2013) List of Contract Details
Central order book applies a price-time trading algorithm with priority given to the first order at the best price.
Block Trade Minimum
250 Lots
Block Trades can be reported up to 17:30 London time on any business day other than the Last Trading Day
Exercise by 18:30 on any business day

The interval between the exercise prices is set according to a fixed scale determined by the Exchange. LON2835

A price established on the trading day will used as the reference to determine the introduction of additional exercise prices on the next trading day in order to list the minimum number of exercise prices as determined by the strike introduction policy.LON3259
Delivery Month
March Cycle (M): means the 3 nearest expiry months from Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec cycle
*Serial longer-dated expiry months have been introduced on some equity options.
Settlement Date
Settlement Date is two business days following the day of exercise/Last Trading Day.
Deliverable Specifications
Delivery will be 1,000 shares (or other such number of shares as determined by the terms of the contract).
Option Premium
payable in full by the buyer on the business day following a transaction.
Additional Information
In the United States these products may only be offered and sold to prescribed entities under specified conditions.
Stock Exchange
London Stock Exchange
MIC Code
Clearing Venues

Trading Hours

New York3:00 AM - 11:30 AM
03:00 - 11:30

London8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
08:00 - 16:30

Singapore4:00 PM - 12:30 AM
16:00 - 00:30


Clearing Admin Name
LSE Master
Symbol Code