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Heating Oil American-Style Options


The Heating Oil American-Style Options Contract is based on the underlying futures contract and if exercised will result in a corresponding futures position. Contracts are for American-Style exercise, allowing the buyer to exercise an option anytime up to expiry day.

Market Specifications

Trading Screen Product Name
Heating Oil Futures
Trading Screen Hub Name
Hedge Instrument
The delta hedge for the Heating Oil American-Style Option is the Heating Oil Future (UHO).
Contract Symbol
Contract Size
1,000 barrels
Unit of Trading
Any multiple of 1,000 barrels
US Dollars and cents
Trading Price
One hundredth of a cent ($0.0001) per Gallon
Settlement Price
One hundredth of a cent ($0.0001) per Gallon
Minimum Price Fluctuation
One hundredth of a cent ($0.0001) per Gallon
Last Trading Day
Expiration occurs two days prior to the expiration of the underlying ICE Heating Oil Futures Contract.
Fixed Price
The traded price or the previous day's settlement price
Floating Price
In respect of daily settlement, the Floating Price will be determined by ICE using price data from a number of sources including spot, forward and derivative markets for both physical and financial products.
Final Settlement
The Heating Oil Futures Contract is cash settled against the prevailing market price for Heating Oil in New York Harbour. The cash settlement price in USD and cents per Gallon is equal to the penultimate settlement price for New York Harbor No.2 Heating Oil Futures Contract as made public by NYMEX for the month of production as specified within the relevant Contract Rules by reference to the 2005 ISDA Commodity Definitions.
Option Style
American style. Option exercise results in an underlying Futures Contract in the related contract month.
Strike Price Increments
This contract will support Custom Option Strikes with strikes in increments of $0.001 within a range of $0.500 to $10.000. This range may be revised from time to time according to future price movements. The at-the-money strike price is the closest interval nearest to the previous business day's settlement price of the underlying contract.
Expiration Date
ICE Heating Oil Options can be exercised into ICE Heating Oil Futures contracts. ICE Futures Europe options contracts are of American-style exercise, allowing the buyer to exercise call and/or put options up to 17:00 (London time) hours on any Business Day (except on expiry day) during the life of the contracts, by giving an exercise notice to ICE Clear Europe in respect of such options.

On expiry day, automatic exercise settings are pre-set to exercise call and put option contracts that are one minimum price fluctuation or more in-the-money and call option contracts which are at-the-money with reference to the corresponding daily settlement price at the designated settlement time as determined by the Exchange. At-the-money put options will be abandoned.
Option Premium / Daily Margin
Due to equity-style margining the premium on ICE Heating Oil Options is paid/received on the day following the day of trade. Equity-Style Options have no daily Variation Margin payment. The premium on the Equity-style Options is paid/received on the business day following the day of trade. Net Liquidating Value (NLV) will be re-calculated each business day based on the relevant daily settlement prices. For buyers of options the NLV credit will be used to off-set their Original Margin (OM) requirement; for sellers of options, the NLV debit must be covered by cash or collateral in the same manner as OM requirement.
Contract Series
Up to 50 consecutive months
Business Days
ICE Business Days
Linked Future
MIC Code
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Clearing Admin Name
ICE Heating Oil