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Dutch TTF Gas Storage

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Market Specifications

Trading Screen Hub Name
Hub Rules
Storage Services Agreement
Injection Capacity
Withdrawal Capacity
Having signed an Application Form with ICE Endex, having set up and managed the type and degree of credit to its counterparties for all Dutch TTF Gas Storage products in the Credit Management application and having signed the Storage Services Agreement including the attached Operating Agreement are prerequisistes for trading on the Gas Storage Market. For information regarding the usage of the Storage Service and the daily nomination process, please turn to the Storage Services Agreement and the Operating Agreement.
Contract Security
The Dutch TTF Gas Storage market is a bilateral market. All tradable Dutch TTF Gas Storage Products are Uncleared Products as per the Rules
Trading Hours
During Dutch Business Days, from 14:00 till 15:00 (Amsterdam local time)
All Products are adjusted for Dutch Bank Holidays.
Clock Changes
All Products of which the delivery spans the March or October clock change deliver one hour shorter (23 hours) or longer (25 hours) than normal (24 hours).
Trading Model
Continuous trading throughout trading hours
Unit of Trading
MWh (Gas-in-Storage)
MWh/h (Injection Capacity)
MWh/h (Withdrawal Capacity)
Contract Size
For complete Contract Size Matrix click here.
Minimum Trading Size
1 [units of trading]
The contract price is in Euros and Euro cents per units of trading
Price Range
Any X, where 0.01 Euro/[units of trading] ≤ X ≤ 3,000.00 Euro/[units of trading]
Quantity Range
For all Products any Y where 1 [units of trading] ≤ Y ≤ 9,999 [units of trading]
Minimum Price Fluctuation
1 Euro Cent per MW
Maximum Price Fluctuation
There are no limits
Tick Value
0.01 [unit of measurement]
Delivery/Settlement Terms
Orders are submitted anonymously. Matching will result in bilateral obligations to Members that are party to the trade and must be settled directly as between those Members. The Member shall be notified by means of the ICE Endex Platform of the details the trade to which the Member has become a party. Provided that the end-of-day reconciliation process demonstrates that settlement is supported (see Short selling prohibition) a trade can be considered firm and delivery is effected. Delivery is effected by transferring title to the traded Product from the seller to the buyer which takes place on the same day as the day of the trade by updating the contracts. Parties will be notified of a firm trade by means of the Trades Confirmation Notices sent out by the Clearing House in principle on the same day but no later than the next day by 10:00 (Amsterdam local time). Until that point in time, all trades are preliminary
Trades Confirmation Notice
Shall refer to the document issued by the Storage Service Provider which is sent to the Member to confirm any Transaction to which such Member has become a party.
Storage Service Provider
Shall mean the company entered into the Storage Services Agreement providing storage services to the Member
Short Selling Prohibition
Short selling, i.e. selling of Gas-in-Storage, Injection Capacity, Withdrawal Capacity, and/or SBUs that a Member does not have any entitlements to according to the Availability Notice, is prohibited. If ICE Endex determines, at its sole discretion, that a Member is short selling, ICE Endex may without prejudice to any other powers conferred upon it, fine that Member for a maximum amount of 5,000 Euro as well as hold that Member liable for any damages caused as a result of short selling.
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