PJM WH Real Time HR Financial Peak, LD1 for LMP (bilateral)

PJM WH Real Time HR Financial Peak, LD1 for LMP (bilateral)1124



Market Specifications

Trading Screen Product Name
Fin Swap-Peak, LD1 for LMP
Trading Screen Hub Name
PJM WH RT (Heat Rate)
Trading Hours
24 x 7
All peak hours for the applicable strip length referenced by the market for hours that are hours ending 0800-2300 in the eastern ("EPT") or central ("CPT") prevailing time zone., for Monday thru Friday week days that are non-NERC holidays.
Unit of Trading
Contract Size multiplied by the number of peak hours of every day in the calendar month traded.
US $ and cents per MWH
Minimum Tick
0.005 per MWH
Last Trading Day
Three business days prior to the contract month.
Cash Settled in USD.
Settlement Date
Each pricing day during a Determination Period.
Payment Dates
Ten (10) New York Business Days of the month following the Determination Period via wire transfer of Federal Funds.
MIC Code
Clearing Venues