Dom Hub Real Time Financial Peak (bilateral)1121


24 x 7

Market Specifications

Trading Screen Product Name
Fin Swap-Peak
Trading Screen Hub Name
Dom Hub RT
Monday - Friday HE 08:00 - HE 23:00 EPT Excluding NERC Holidays
Units of Trading
Contract Size multiplied by the number of peak days in the period traded. For example in a 21 peak day month, such as August 2003, the unit of trading will be 21 x 800 or 16,800 Mwh. This will be expressed as 21 "lots".
US $ and cents per MWH
Minimum Tick
0.05 per MWH
Last Trading Day
The business day prior to the contract month.
Cash Settled in USD.
Settlement Dates
Each pricing day during a Determination Period.
Payment Dates
Ten (10) New York Business Days of the month following the Determination Period via wire transfer of Federal Funds.
MIC Code
Clearing Venues