This is a consolidated test page used for validating each of the various Circulars or Notices blinds from one location. It is not expected that all of these components will be included on a single content page when in production. This is purely done for testing purposes.

CCX - Advisory Notices

AJAX URL = /notices/CCXAdvisoryNotices.shtml

ICCA - Clearing Notices

AJAX URL = /notices/ClearCanadaClearingNotices.shtml

ICC - Circulars

AJAX URL = /notices/ClearCreditCirculars.shtml

ICEU - Circulars

AJAX URL = /notices/ClearEuropeCirculars.shtml

ICUS - Clearing Notices

AJAX URL = /notices/ClearUSClearingNotices.shtml

Endex - Circulars

AJAX URL = /notices/EndexCirculars.shtml

IFCA - Member Notices

AJAX URL = /notices/FuturesCanadaMemberNotices.shtml

IFCA - NOS Transactions

AJAX URL = /notices/FuturesCanadaNOSTransactions.shtml

IFEU - Circulars

AJAX URL = /notices/FuturesEuropeCirculars.shtml

IFUS - Energy Forms

AJAX URL = /notices/FuturesUSEnergyForms.shtml

IFUS - Exchange Notices

AJAX URL = /notices/FuturesUSExchangeNotices.shtml

IFUS - Member Notices

AJAX URL = /notices/FuturesUSMemberNotices.shtml

OTC - Advisory Notices

AJAX URL = /notices/OTCAdvisoryNotices.shtml

OTC - Regulatory Filings

AJAX URL = /notices/RegulatoryFilings.shtml

ICE Swap Trade - Notices

AJAX URL = /notices/SwapTradeNotices.shtml

YJ - Tips

AJAX URL = /notices/YellowJacketTips.shtml

IFCA - Suspensions / Expulsions

AJAX URL = /FuturesCanadaSuspensionsExpulsions.shtml