WattEx is an online trading system for electricity Ancillary Services in Alberta. WattEx commenced operations in 2001 and was wholly acquired by NGX in November 2006.

In addition to facilitating the electronic contract transaction, WattEx also performs clearing functions for Ancillary Services.

Clearing assures all parties perform according to the contracts. This includes monitoring financial positions of participants and tracking physical electricity and ancillary service trade fulfillment.


Ancillary Services

Ancillary Services are used by the AESO to maintain the stability and integrity of the Alberta Interconnected Electricity System. Both Active and Standby Services are traded for Regulating, Spinning, and Supplemental reserves.

WattEx also offers a unique set of indices and clearing prices based off of the Ancillary Services contracts traded in the Auction.

Trading System

WattEx products are listed on the ICE NGX TradePath system. This system was developed in 2014 and WattEx is the first auction style market to use ICE NGX Tradepath.

WattEx Statistics

The Ancillary Active Trade Indices, Ancillary Active Clearing Prices, Ancillary Active Clearing Indices and Ancillary Standby Pricing reports are available through the ICE NGX TradePath System and the ICE NGX Reports. The WattEx Index Methodology guide is available in the Downloads & Documentation section.

Company Reports

WattEx Position Monitor, Restatements, Restatement Summary, Order Summary, and Trade Report are available through ICE NGX TradePath. WattEx FVEA (Financial Value of Exchange Activity) report, and WattEx invoices will be available through the ICE NGX Reports.


For more information about WattEx, email ICE NGX Operations or call +1 403 974 4357.