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ICE NGX offers a variety of products across commodities throughout Canada and the US. ICE NGX’s clearing-supported trading model provides an environment in which counter parties can minimize risk while improving price discovery and facilitate back-office processes.

ICE NGX Clearing

ICE NGX’s gas and power contracts are available for onscreen trading through ICE’s WebICE platform. All ICE NGX futures transactions available on ICE enter the ICE NGX clearing system after trading, allowing traders to utilize ICE trading technology while minimizing risk by using the ICE NGX clearing model. Direct OTC Clearing is also available by contacting the ICE NGX Marketing group. All physical commodities traded on ICE NGX are physically cleared and scheduled by ICE NGX to ensure all delivery obligations are met.

ICE NGX Viewing Service

For customers simply looking for real-time and historical market information, ICE NGX offers a Viewing Service that allows access to critical data included in the ICE NGX Trading Reports. Data from ICE NGX gas, power and crude can then be viewed through one system. Different settlement and index information is provided based upon the chosen ICE NGX Viewing service.

ICE NGX Auctions

ICE NGX offers independent auctions hosted on ICE NGX TradePath. Contracts executed on the ICE NGX TradePath can be cleared through the ICE NGX Clearing system.


In addition to contracts available through ICE, ICE NGX offers Ancillary Services electricity contracts through WattEx. These contracts transact on the WattEx trading system.


EnviroPath auctions specialize in spot environmental commodities, including Alberta Greenhouse Gas (“GHG”) offsets and Alberta Emission Performance Credits (“EPCs”). EnviroPath auctions use a competitive bidding process which encourages liquidity and delivers price transparency in the GHG offset and EPC spot markets that have historically been opaque.

Viewing Live ICE NGX Markets

Live ICE NGX Markets can be viewed via WebICE subscription set up through the ICE website. The live viewing subscription is set up and maintained by ICE and is operated independently of ICE NGX. Please contact the ICE data team to enquire about accessing ICE NGX Markets via the WebICE platform. More information can be found via the ICE website at WebICE View Only subscription.

ICE NGX Data Customer services will include the following services listed below (collectively referred to as “ICE NGX Data Access”):

  • Access to the WebICE trading platform, to view live transactional information from the ICE NGX Canadian cleared markets in natural gas and electricity, including bid/ask, market depth, and completed transactions;
  • Access to ICE NGX’s live Price Index calculator, for all natural gas, electricity and crude oil price indices;
  • Full historical access to all price indices published by ICE NGX, going back over 20+ years;
  • Daily price settlement curves, showing new relevant pricing marks for over 40,000 products and strips each business day;
  • Full historical access to settlement curves for all ICE NGX cleared products, with up to 20+ years of history in some key markets;
  • Daily market summaries of all traded markets, including volume traded, open, high, low, and close (settle) for over 90 physical energy trading hubs in North America; and
  • Cost: $675.00 USD/User/Month
  • For more information, email ICE Data or call +1 646 733-5000 (U.S.) OR +44 207 065-7778 (UK)

ICE NGX Price Index and Settlement Curve Data

ICE NGX provides a subscription-based service that will allow customers real-time access to proprietary ICE NGX post trade clearing data, including natural gas and crude oil indices and daily NGX price settlements for all markets. Customers are able to gain access to the ICE NGX data as part of the WebICE View Only subscription.

NGX Auctions

ICE NGX has been hosting auctions for standard and non-standard electricity contracts on a regular basis since February 2006. In that time, ICE NGX has conducted over 400 auctions of varying methodologies. Proceeds from these auctions have been bilateral or cleared through ICE NGX’s Clearing House. Clearing the proceeds of auctions, depending on availability, may give the auction host a much greater participation rate as any ICE NGX contract holder could potentially participate in the auction process. To date, ICE NGX has hosted and provided auction and market expertise to the Ontario Power Authority, Ontario Power Generation, Bruce Power, ENMAX, EPCOR, as well as ICE NGX’s own cleared Ontario power auctions.

Beginning in June 2015, ICE NGX implemented a new auction platform that provides hosts and participants alike with meaningful reporting, powerful order entry and modification tools, and easy system access. ICE NGX Tradepath has been designed to be easily and quickly configured to host auctions of various commodities.

For more information on ICE NGX Power Auctions, please contact Shane Casey at (403) 974-1710, or the ICE NGX Help Desk at (403) 974-4357.


WattEx is an online trading system for electricity Ancillary Services in Alberta. WattEx commenced operations in 2001 and was wholly acquired by NGX in November 2006.

In addition to facilitating the electronic contract transaction, WattEx also performs clearing functions for Ancillary Services.

Clearing assures all parties perform according to the contracts. This includes monitoring financial positions of participants and tracking physical electricity and ancillary service trade fulfillment.

Ancillary Services

Ancillary Services are used by the AESO to maintain the stability and integrity of the Alberta Interconnected Electricity System. Both Active and Standby Services are traded for Regulating, Spinning, and Supplemental reserves.

WattEx also offers a unique set of indices and clearing prices based off of the Ancillary Services contracts traded in the Auction.

Trading System

WattEx products are listed on the ICE NGX TradePath system. This system was developed in 2014 and WattEx is the first auction style market to use ICE NGX Tradepath.

WattEx Statistics

The Ancillary Active Trade Indices, Ancillary Active Clearing Prices, Ancillary Active Clearing Indices and Ancillary Standby Pricing reports are available through the ICE NGX TradePath System and the ICE NGX Reports. The WattEx Index Methodology guide is available in the Downloads & Documentation section.

Company Reports

WattEx Position Monitor, Restatements, Restatement Summary, Order Summary, and Trade Report are available through ICE NGX TradePath. WattEx FVEA (Financial Value of Exchange Activity) report, and WattEx invoices will be available through the ICE NGX Reports.


EnviroPath auctions specialize in spot environmental commodities, including Alberta Greenhouse Gas (“GHG”) offsets and Alberta Emission Performance Credits (“EPCs”). EnviroPath auctions use a competitive bidding process which encourages liquidity and delivers price transparency in the GHG offset and EPC spot markets that have historically been opaque. By participating in an EnviroPath auction, buyers and sellers benefit from seamless transactions using standardized legal agreements that will significantly reduce, or eliminate, the time and cost of doing a straight bilateral transaction.

The launch products for the EnviroPath auction platform are Alberta GHG offsets and EPCs that can be used to meet the compliance obligations of the Carbon Competitiveness Incentive Regulation (CCIR).

Carbon Competetiveness Incentive Regulation (CCIR)

Alberta GHG Offsets and EPCs

Alberta GHG offsets and EPCs are a key component of the Alberta CCIR program. Large Final Emitters (>100k t/CO2e/annum) can use GHG offsets or EPCs for up to 100% of the Alberta compliance obligation. GHG offsets and EPCs are a lower cost alternative to making payment into Alberta’s Climate Change and Emissions Management Fund. The Fund’s contribution price is set at $20/tonne for 2016 and $30/tonne for 2017. To date, offsets and EPCs have traded in the bilateral market at a discount to the Fund price. CCIR offsets and EPCs can only be generated from Alberta based projects and are considered revocable licenses.

EnviroPath Auctions – powered by ICE NGX TradePath

ICE NGX TradePath is an established, browser based auction system used extensively in the Alberta Power market both in the Alberta Ancillary Services market as well as Alberta procurement auctions as part of the EPSP. ICE NGX TradePath has been configured to host the EnviroPath auctions.

EnviroPath Reporting

Customers that have signed up to participate in EnviroPath auctions will have access to historical system reports including detailed trade information, tick-by-tick order tracking as well as summarized auction information (e.g. auction duration, volumes and weighted average prices). These details will provide full visibility into the auction as well as clear price signals to the market and participants. Reports can ensure accurate deal management and reporting for both internal and external stakeholders.

  1. EnviroPath Customer Sign-up
  2. Buyer Minimum Requirements
  3. Buyer Application Process
  4. Seller Minimum Requirements
  5. Seller Application Process

The following is the list of steps in order to become a participant in the EnviroPath Auction market:

  • Meet the minimum qualification requirements to participate as either seller or buyer
  • Obtain and review the Auction Rules, Hosting Agreement, Participant Agreement, and Purchase and Sale Agreement
  • Execute the Participant Agreement and/or Hosting Agreement
  • Receive EnviroPath platform user ID and training
  • Participate in auctions as desired, there is no minimum commitment.

New Customer Sign-up

Thank you for your interest in clearing with ICE NGX. Below you will find a summary of requirements and action items to provide which will allow you to transact with ICE NGX. Should you have any questions throughout the sign up process, please contact your ICE NGX Marketing or Clearing Representative.

Sign-Up Process Overview

In order to become a Contracting Party with ICE NGX, please read the ICE NGX Signup guide.

  • Meet the Minimum Qualification Requirements.
  • Complete the ICE NGX Application form either through web form or email
  • After approval from the ICE NGX membership committee, review and execute the ICE NGX Contracting Party’s Agreement (“CPA”)
  • Complete the ICE NGX Contracting Party Administration Form (“CPAF”)
  • Execute the ICE Participants Agreement
  • Arrange to provide collateral pursuant to the terms and conditions of Schedule C of the CPA
  • Enable ICE NGX clearing on the ICE Exchange

Entity must satisfy and confirm the following requirements:

A net worth exceeding CAD $5,000,000 or Total tangible assets exceeding CAD $25,000,000

The most recent audited or unaudited year-end financial statements of the trading entity must be submitted to ICE NGX in order to be received by the Membership Committee. The financial statements can be submitted as an attachment with the ICE NGX Sign-Up from or by email to [email protected].

If financial statements are not available for the trading entity, financial statements from a parent company will suffice as long as the trading entity is majority owned by the parent company. To confirm ownership, ICE NGX will require an organizational chart or a letter from a Corporate Secretary clearly showing this relationship.

Contact Us

Viewing Services
For more information, email or call +1 646 733-5000 (U.S.) OR +44 207 065-7778 (UK)

NGX Auctions
For more information, please contact Shane Casey at + 1 403 974 1710, or the ICE NGX Help Desk at +1 403 974 4357.

For more information, email or call +1 403 974 4357.