ICE NGX offers a variety of products across commodities throughout Canada and the US. ICE NGX’s clearing-supported trading model provides an environment in which counter parties can minimize risk while improving price discovery and facilitate back-office processes.

ICE NGX Clearing »

ICE NGX’s gas and power contracts are available for onscreen trading through ICE’s WebICE platform. All ICE NGX futures transactions available on ICE enter the ICE NGX clearing system after trading, allowing traders to utilize ICE trading technology while minimizing risk by using the ICE NGX clearing model. Direct OTC Clearing is also available by contacting the ICE NGX Marketing group. All physical commodities traded on ICE NGX are physically cleared and scheduled by ICE NGX to ensure all delivery obligations are met.

ICE NGX Viewing Service »

For customers simply looking for real-time and historical market information, ICE NGX offers a Viewing Service that allows access to critical data included in the ICE NGX Trading Reports. Data from ICE NGX gas, power and crude can then be viewed through one system. Different settlement and index information is provided based upon the chosen ICE NGX Viewing service.

WattEx »

In addition to contracts available through ICE, ICE NGX offers Ancillary Services electricity contracts through WattEx. These contracts transact on the WattEx trading system.

ICE NGX Auctions »

ICE NGX offers independent auctions hosted on ICE NGX TradePath. Contracts executed on the ICE NGX TradePath can be cleared through the ICE NGX Clearing system.