New Customer Sign-Up

Thank you for your interest in clearing with ICE NGX. Below you will find a summary of requirements and action items to provide which will allow you to transact with ICE NGX. Should you have any questions throughout the sign up process, please contact your ICE NGX Marketing or Clearing Representative.

Sign-Up Process Overview

In order to become a Contracting Party with ICE NGX, please read the ICE NGX Signup guide.

  • Meet the Minimum Qualification Requirements.
  • Complete the ICE NGX Application form either through web form or email to [email protected]
  • After approval from the ICE NGX membership committee, review and execute the ICE NGX Contracting Party’s Agreement (“CPA”)
  • Complete the ICE NGX Contracting Party Administration Form (“CPAF”)
  • Execute the ICE Participants Agreement
  • Arrange to provide collateral pursuant to the terms and conditions of Schedule C of the CPA
  • Enable ICE NGX clearing on the ICE Exchange

Entity must satisfy and confirm the following requirements:

A net worth exceeding CAD $5,000,000 or Total tangible assets exceeding CAD $25,000,000

The most recent audited or unaudited year-end financial statements of the trading entity must be submitted to ICE NGX in order to be received by the Membership Committee. The financial statements ca be submitted as an attachment with the ICE NGX Sign-Up from or by email to [email protected].

If financial statements are not available for the trading entity, financial statements from a parent company will suffice as long as the trading entity is majority owned by the parent company. To confirm ownership, ICE NGX will require an organizational chart or a letter from a Corporate Secretary clearly showing this relationship.