NGX Auctions

ICE NGX has been hosting auctions for standard and non-standard electricity contracts on a regular basis since February 2006. In that time, ICE NGX has conducted over 400 auctions of varying methodologies. Proceeds from these auctions have been bilateral or cleared through ICE NGX’s Clearing House. Clearing the proceeds of auctions, depending on availability, may give the auction host a much greater participation rate as any ICE NGX contract holder could potentially participate in the auction process. To date, ICE NGX has hosted and provided auction and market expertise to the Ontario Power Authority, Ontario Power Generation, Bruce Power, ENMAX, EPCOR, as well as ICE NGX’s own cleared Ontario power auctions.

Beginning in June 2015, ICE NGX implemented a new auction platform that provides hosts and participants alike with meaningful reporting, powerful order entry and modification tools, and easy system access. ICE NGX Tradepath has been designed to be easily and quickly configured to host auctions of various commodities.

For more information on ICE NGX Power Auctions, please contact Shane Casey at (403) 974-1710, or the ICE NGX Help Desk at (403) 974-4357.