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ICE NGX, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, provides electronic trading, central counterparty clearing and data services to the North American natural gas and electricity markets. Since beginning operations in February 1994, ICE NGX has developed the AB-NIT ("AECO") hub into one of the most liquid spot and forward energy markets in North America. In 2008, ICE NGX and Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) launched an operational alliance where by ICE NGX uses ICE's front end trading technology and provides clearing services for ICE's US physical gas products.

Quick Facts

Contracting Parties (CPs)

More than 275 CPs in North America

Launch Date

February 10, 1994

Trading/Clearing Locations

Providing trading and/or clearing services at 95 natural gas (20 Canadian, 75 US) and 3 power regions

Physical Delivery

End to end anonymous delivery with physical backstopping

Benchmark Indices

Providing the benchmark price indices for physical natural gas, crude oil and financial power markets in Canada

Regulatory Recognition

Recognized exchange and clearinghouse in Canada and US with third country European clearinghouse recognition

Non-Mutualized Clearinghouse

All Contracting Parties direct clear with no mutualized clearinghouse obligations

Volumes Cleared

2021 average per month: Approximately 1,000 petajoules energy equivalent of natural gas and electricity. Total notional value of cleared energy in 2021 was approximately $49 Billion CAD.

Value Proposition

Transaction Technology

ICE NGX products and clearing services are available through ICE‘s global leading WebICE trading platform.


ICE NGX provides the most liquid electronic marketplace for physical natural gas and financial power products in Canada.

Clearing and Settlement

ICE NGX is the largest clearinghouse of physical natural gas and financial power in Canada. In the U.S., ICE NGX is the exclusive clearinghouse for ICE’s leading OTC physical natural gas markets.

Clearinghouse Benefits

ICE Futures U.S. offers nearly 60 cross-currency futures contracts, including contracts on several emerging market currencies, and is home to the most widely recognized benchmark for the value of the U.S. dollar.

Price Indices

ICE NGX generates price indices from fixed price contracts traded in ICE NGX markets. These are available in realtime and are widely used by the industry to settle both ICE NGX traded and OTC contracts.

Product Summary

ICE NGX’s Product Map outlines the physical locations in North America where customers can transact and receive the benefits of ICE NGX’s clearing model, one of the most secure, efficient and risk-free clearing environments available today.

ICE NGX Product Locations