Liquidity, Speed and Security

ICE offers access to deep and liquid global markets, the most advanced trading technology and the security of leading clearing systems. ICE operates a diverse range of regulated markets, including four futures exchanges, an OTC credit market and a bilateral OTC market for energy, covering global contracts across key asset classes - from energy and equity indexes, credit derivatives, currencies and agriculture commodities.

Transparent Markets and Innovative, Global Products

  • Benchmark futures and options contracts attract global participation, providing deep liquidity for hedging, trading and risk management
  • Offering benchmark energy futures markets on a common platform with cleared energy swaps enables flexibility, capital efficiency and product innovation
  • Risk management and trading in regulated, transparent markets

ICE Futures U.S.

The New York-based exchange offers agricultural, energy and financial futures and options, including the global benchmark sugar and cotton contracts, as well as the U.S. Dollar Index and the Russell 2000® contracts.

ICE Futures Europe

A leading futures exchange for the global energy and emissions markets and home to ICE Brent Crude and ICE Gasoil, the world's benchmark and largest crude and refined oil futures contracts.

ICE Futures Canada

Established in 1887, the exchange lists agricultural contracts, including milling wheat, durum wheat, barley and the world's leading canola contract.


ICE's Creditex subsidiary operates a hybrid voice and electronic trading platform for CDS and ICE's OTC energy platform offers bilateral, physical energy swaps.

ICE Swap Trade

ICE's swap execution facility (SEF) for OTC Credit Default Swaps and bilateral financial energy markets.

ICE Endex

ICE Endex is based in the Netherlands and offers European natural gas and power trading. ICE Endex also operates the UK On-the-Day Commodity Market and the Dutch and Belgian gas spot markets.