Good Data Drives Good Decisions

ICE Data delivers objective, transparent, auditable and timely market information to thousands of market participants and analysts each trading day.

Available Market Data

ICE provides hundreds of market activity reports from its futures markets. Click on the links below for the most commonly requested ICE market reports and data. For a complete selection visit the ICE Report Center.

End of Day Reports Indices and Markers Market Records ICE Data Redistribution
ICE Futures
The Daily Market Report is the official report of exchange market information. It is available after 6:30pm ET each business day.

ICE Indices
ICE indices cover over 100 North American natural gas and power hubs, as well as ICE Brent Crude futures, ICE Middle East Sour Crude futures, ICE Gasoil futures and ICE UK Natural Gas futures indices.

ICE Contract Records
ICE Futures all-time volume, OI and price records.

Data Vendors
Vendors provide a variety of value-added services that cannot be purchased directly from ICE Data such as integration of real-time pricing data from other exchanges, technical analysis and analytical tools, news information, statistics and company information.

Subscription-Based Data

A range of subscription-based data packages and services are available covering ICE futures market data. Please click on the links below for more details on packages, services and pricing.

Real-Time Data Historical Reports Market Commentary Market Price Valuations
WebICE View Only
An Internet-based subscription service that provides real-time access to trading activity on the ICE platform. WebICE is only available to corporates active in the ICE energy and commodities markets.

End of Day (EOD) Reports
Data sourced directly from the ICE marketplace. The report contains three worksheets - price indices, market activity and tick data.

PVM Trader Pack
Written reports offering valuable market analysis for participants in the oil and natural gas markets. Free one-month trial available.

A consensus based price validation service providing benchmarking and validation of 'non observable markets' for forward OTC swaps, options and exotic products.