View Only Quotes

With a "view only" subscription to the ICE trading platform, you can review and analyze real-time trading activity in the ICE marketplace. You're able to self-select the pricing data you view for each of ICE's cleared markets.

View-Only Subscription Highlights:

  • Live Market Quotes - See the bids, asks, trades and volumes for every trade that occurs across all ICE futures exchanges
  • Depth of Market - View the Level II order book and all bids and offers posted on ICE futures
  • Portfolio Filters - Customize a quote grid that enables you to easily track a list of contracts that match your trading strategy
  • Trade Ticker - Monitor a history of the day's price activity directly from your screen
  • Web or Mobile Access - Track market activity from your computer when you're at your desk or your mobile device when you're on the go

For more information, email ICE Data or call +1 646 733-5000 (U.S.) OR +44 207 065-7778 (UK).

View-only subscriptions are available to corporates and customers who are active in our markets.