A Clear and Structured View of Your OTC Credit Prices

ICE CMA Quotevision structures, in real-time, the vast amount of market prices you receive from your trading partners, giving you a clear, accurate view of your live indicative quotes for:

  • CDS, LCDS Indices, Tranches, Switches
  • Bonds, Convertible Bonds
  • Credit Index Options
  • Syndicated Loans
  • ABX / CMBX

Fast and Easy to Use, with an Intuitive Interface and Potential for Firm-Wide Deployment

Flexible GUI: a single customisable view to suit your priorities. Analyse issuer capital structures, understand market depth, construct multiple portfolios and view pricing history in graphical and numerical formats

Add-in for Excel® access all of your firm’s OTC pricing content via Excel including the latest quote, best quote, latest size information, historical end-of-day pricing and tick data

Open architecture: integrate Quotevision content into your in-house systems to facilitate flash P&L and portfolio risk management using a reporting database or message API that is updated in real-time

Integrated analytics: view CDS pricing across all price types, converted using the standard ISDA model and interest rate data

Accurate: data that is scanned, validated, scrubbed and cleaned in real-time by our artificial intelligence-based parsing system, which is monitored by a dedicated team of experienced data analysts

Quick search: save time searching for issues, instruments and prices with advanced search capabilities across your entire email content


A Full Solution Set

Trading Quotes

Pricing and liquidity data direct from the front office.

Real Time

Captured, processed and delivered in seconds


Clean, validated, reliable time series

Easy Access

Excel, Database and API integration into your systems

Research & AnalysisExecution Decision SupportMonitor the Market
  • Identify and analyze trading opportunities
  • Catalog and database all your intraday quotes for historical analysis
  • Integrate real-time market data into your systems and analytics through simple APIs
  • Identify best trading partners on latest price and size data
  • Cross compare counterparty pricing for trades and hedges
  • Structure and execute trades based on reliable and up-to-date data
  • Track intraday market moves for a real-time view of your portfolio
  • Calculate profit on existing positions with the latest market bid/offers
  • Automate the mark-to-market process using high-quality market data

Front and Middle-Office Support from Quotevision

Front and Middle-Office professionals across a variety of financial institutions can benefit from the accurate, real-time OTC price and liquidity data by using intuitive query and analysis tools to:

  • Research and analyze possible trading opportunities
  • Use timely and reliable information in your decision making process
  • Monitor the market size and positions in real-time
  • Price Validation
  • Pre-trade liquidity tracking
  • Transaction Cost Analysis
  • Identify and demonstrate best execution and run market conformity checks

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