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Leveraged Loan Evaluations

Your access to independent, third party pricing is critical to your investment accounting consideration, particularly given regulatory trends and the growing adoption of general evaluations best practices. With our Leveraged Loan Evaluation Service, you can benefit from an internationally renowned source for independent, high quality pricing and evaluations.

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Evaluated prices are based on contributed prices from major bulge bracket firms and our proprietary evaluation models with evaluator oversight. We are not a broker dealer or controlled by a syndicate of dealers and we do not manage client money or portfolios.


We provide transparency information for our leveraged loan evaluated prices, including the number of contributed prices used as inputs, and clearly distinguish modeled leveraged loan data from composite contributor data.


Our approach to creating and delivering evaluated prices for leveraged loans, includes the following steps:

  • Receiving updates of broker data throughout the business day
  • Quality review of contributed data
  • Calculating composite prices from comparable contributed market data and modeled prices
  • Quality review of contributor average and model price calculations
  • Creating evaluated prices

CUSIP Identifiers

We recognize that Loan CUSIPS identifiers have become a standard identifier for Leveraged Loans. Our Leveraged Loan product offers Loan CUSIP identifiers for both input and output within the service.