Transparent, High Quality Credit Default Swap (CDS) Pricing Data

ICE CMA provides transparent, high-quality Credit Default Swap (CDS) pricing data, enabling financial professionals to integrate up-to-date market data into analytics and workflows, seeking to improve decision making, risk management, portfolio valuation and price verification processes.

Independent Pricing Data
Transparency & Liquidity Metrics
Full Term Structures & Analytics
Real Time Intraday & EOD Delivery
Flexible Delivery Options

Covering more than:

  • 2000+ CDS Entities
    • Single-names, indices, tranches, sovereigns and quantos
    • End-of-day and hourly curves
    • 10+ years of history
    • Term structures out to 30 years
  • 200+ sector rating curves
  • 50,000+ streaming tick prices a day

Credible, Consensus-Based Pricing

CDS pricing data is sourced from executable and indicative prices directly from large and active credit investors. This unique access means that our market liquidity metrics deliver greater transparency, enabling financial professionals with the ability to improve the accuracy of their data analysis and modeling.

Full Credit Term Structures and Analytics

Our automated data collection, cleansing and aggregation model combines real-time quotes observed in the market with a sophisticated proprietary curve modelling process to calculate full credit term structures for both liquid and less liquid entities. Full term structures, multiple price types and analytics, including upfront prices, hazard rates and Cumulative Probability of Default (CPD), are available across multiple currencies, seniorities and restructuring clauses.


Gain a More Comprehensive View of the Credit Market

VALIDATE and challenge pricing supplied by your front office against independent data, seeking to ensure that your mark-to-market process is as accurate as possible

IDENTIFY risks proactively, using our unique liquidity metrics, such as quote volumes that add context around market activity

MONITOR the market and your positions to make more informed execution decisions

TRACK and manage counterparty, market and operational risk by feeding your risk management systems with high quality, reliable data including liquidity metrics

RESEARCH and analyze possible trading opportunities and back-test trading ideas

INTEGRATE high quality credit pricing data seamlessly into your internal systems


Access the Data You Need, When You Need It

File Type

Instrument Identifiers

Instrument Levels



Liquidity Metrics



Sector Curves


Credit Options

Field Examples
  • Name
  • Seniority
  • Tenor
  • Currency
  • Restructuring
  • Industry Sector
  • Upfront
  • Par Spread
  • Quote Spread
  • Percent of Par
  • Bid & Ask
  • Coupon
  • Recovery Rate
  • Delta
  • Reference
  • Strike
  • Volatility
  • Market Quoting Convention
  • CPD
  • PV01
  • Hazard Rate
  • Devaluation Factor
  • Mid High/Low
  • Time Window
  • No. of Sources
  • No. of Quotes
  • Aggregation Time Stamps

Flexible Delivery Options

Choose the delivery option that best meets your business needs:
  • A plug-in for Excel® for use at your desktop
  • API feed into your existing systems
  • Feed-based services for bulk delivery
  • Third party risk management systems and data vendors

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