Historical Data From 200+ Global Sources

With access to a comprehensive suite of Tick History Services, you’re able to meet historical data needs, ranging from designing and backtesting trading strategies to addressing compliance and regulatory requirements to powering charting and technical analysis tools on your desktop applications. We provide clean, comprehensive coverage from more than 200 global sources, facilitate the collection and distribution of historical data, and enable fast and efficient tick data storage. Plus, you're able to choose from a range of deployment options, including FTP file delivery, a customer-deployed onsite database, or an API-based solution for on-demand, hosted access to intraday and interday historical data.

Solution Benefits

  • Global access to deep tick history data going back to 2005 for U.S. instruments and 2008 for non-U.S. equities
  • Multiple and flexible delivery options for on-demand, intraday and end-of-day data
  • Highly scalable
  • Integrated with reference data
  • Flexible commercials and cost-effective implementations
  • Reduced costs and improved quality through managed services

Solution Features

The Tick History FTP is a daily bulk file delivery service designed to deliver time and sales and cross-reference data from more than 100 global equities, futures and options exchanges. It can be used for designing and backtesting trading strategies, verifying best execution and regulatory compliance. The top features of the Tick History FTP are:

  • “Zero Footprint” - no ICE Data Services infrastructure is required at your site
  • Daily FTP files containing a full day’s tick data for Level 1 and Level 2 equities, indices, futures and options from more than 200 global exchanges
  • Trades data-only files available for key U.S. exchanges
  • FTP push or pull
  • Standard file formats
  • Global content
  • Centralized data collection center for global files
  • Flexible delivery options

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