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Index Services

We offer independent and objective operational outsourcing, including the design, support, maintenance, calculation and distribution of indexes across fixed income instruments, currencies, equities and commodities. These services include access to a dedicated team of knowledgeable and skilled specialists who can develop customized solutions for innovative index management requirements across multiple asset types.

  • Covers multiple asset classes with pricing direct from exchanges, contributor networks and our proprietary fixed income evaluations, OTC valuations and Fair Value Information Services for equities
  • Dedicated index research and product development support across multiple asset classes
  • Robust index dissemination options that can reach desktop and feeds worldwide
  • Global customer support

ETF Pricing Services

The design of our pricing services greatly simplifies the process of calculating ETF intraday NAV, particularly for funds that include fixed income and hard-to-price assets. As both a leading global provider of fixed income evaluations and a leading source of intraday fixed income ETF iNAV calculations in the U.S., we deliver high quality data to meet your business needs. These independent calculations are based on a proprietary fixed income valuation model and sourced from multiple market inputs, including our renowned reference data.

Intraday prices, estimates, rates, indices or values calculated, assessed, determined, maintained, made available, published, distributed, disseminated, broadcast or in any other way provided by or on behalf of ICE, including, without limitation, those referred to as “indicative optimized portfolio values,” “IOPVs,” “intraday values” or “intraday indicative values” should not: (i) be used or used for reference in (x) determining the interest payable, or other sums due, under loan agreements or under other financial contracts or instruments; (y) determining the price at which any financial instrument may be bought or sold or traded or redeemed, or the value of any financial instrument; or (z) measuring the performance of any financial instrument; and (ii) where any such intraday value relates to any fund, be viewed as a “real-time” update of the net asset value of such fund, in part because such intraday value may not be calculated in the same manner as the net asset value. In addition, the instrument for which any such intraday value is provided may be valued using other measures, which may be based on, among other things, different measures of the price, value or performance of other assets (including, without limitation, securities), different exchange rates and different sources of information from those used in calculating any such intraday value. As a result, any such intraday value may deviate significantly from other measures of the value of the instrument for which such intraday value is provided, the price at which such instrument or any related financial contract or instrument may be bought or sold or traded or redeemed and other measures of the price, value or performance of such instrument or any related financial contract or instrument.

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